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  • PHP SplFileInfo string values

    Whilst PHP’s documentation of SplFileInfo isn’t “bad” as such, it can be tricky to remember what string functions (such as getBasename, getExtension, getFilename, getPath, getPathname, getRealPath and __toString) return under which circumstances. Hence this post! To generate this data, we’re going to start off with a RecursiveDirectoryIterator with an optional callback filter (to enable us […]

  • [Techy] Getting cURL to work with Let’s Encrypt: unable to get local issuer certificate error

    On my test Debian jessie 8.2 and a staging server Ubuntu trusty 14.04, I had problems being able to use cURL to fetch data from a remote HTTPs site which was secured using a free Let’s Encrypt certificate (this problem manifested itself via both PHP 7 cURL functions and curl directly). An example of the […]

  • Jobs ahoy!

    I know of quite a few companies currently recruiting – so if you are job hunting and think any of the following are of interest to you, please get in contact: Leicester based Senior Magento Developer Senior Digital Designer WordPress Developer Account Manager London based Account Manager Big Data Engineer DevOps Engineer / Big Data […]

  • Techy/Old posts: What is FTP?

    This post was originally published, commercially, in “Archive Magazine” Volume 13/Issue 9 (June 2000) pages 45-47. This article was written for publication by Archive Magazine in response to a request by the editor for an article covering FTP. What Is FTP? Richard Chiswell A few years ago (around the time of the BBC Micros), the […]

  • New Relic, cPanel, Apache and FastCGI PHP

    How to install NewRelic on cPanel so that, under a PHP suPHP environment, the newrelic.appname is set dynamically to the hostname of each site