PHP SplFileInfo string values

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Whilst PHP’s documentation of SplFileInfo isn’t “bad” as such, it can be tricky to remember what string functions (such as getBasename, getExtension, getFilename, getPath, getPathname, getRealPath and __toString) return under which circumstances. Hence this post!

To generate this data, we’re going to start off with a RecursiveDirectoryIterator with an optional callback filter (to enable us to later on, filter the returned values):

$directoryIterator=new \RecursiveDirectoryIterator(
            '/var/task', // test directory
            \RecursiveDirectoryIterator::SKIP_DOTS // ignore "dot files"
        $filterIterator = new \CallbackFilterIterator(
            new \RecursiveIteratorIterator($directoryIterator), 
            function (\SplFileInfo $file) {
           // add filter conditions here
            return true;
        /** @var \SplFileInfo $fileInfo */
        foreach ($filterIterator as $fileInfo) {
            $objectNames= [
            ]; // which objects (defined above) are we interested in
          $methods = [
            ]; // which methods of those objects do we want to get. 
           foreach ($objectNames as $objectName) {
               foreach ($methods as $method) {
                    print $objectName . '->' .
                        $method . ' = ' .
                        call_user_func([$$objectName, $method]) .
           die(); // we only want the first one as an example

Give the file /var/task/assets/fonts/montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot and the “start” directory of /var/task , we get the following:

  • fileInfo->getBasename = montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • fileInfo->getExtension = eot
  • fileInfo->getFilename = montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • fileInfo->getPath = /var/task/assets/fonts
  • fileInfo->getPathname = /var/task/assets/fonts/montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • fileInfo->getRealPath = /var/task/assets/fonts/montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • fileInfo->__toString = /var/task/assets/fonts/montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • directoryIterator->getBasename = assets
  • directoryIterator->getExtension =
  • directoryIterator->getFilename = assets
  • directoryIterator->getPath = /var/task
  • directoryIterator->getPathname = /var/task/assets
  • directoryIterator->getRealPath = /var/task/assets
  • directoryIterator->__toString = assets
  • filterIterator->getBasename = montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • filterIterator->getExtension = eot
  • filterIterator->getFilename = montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • filterIterator->getPath = /var/task/assets/fonts
  • filterIterator->getPathname = /var/task/assets/fonts/montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • filterIterator->getRealPath = /var/task/assets/fonts/montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot
  • filterIterator->__toString = montserrat-v14-latin-700.eot

Hope it’s useful to someone!

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