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Scam post mail from Smart Stamp

I’ve just received the following scam post by Royal Mail and I would be very very much interested in hearing back from anybody else who has received one. Please retain the envelope and any other correspondence! If you do receive a letter regarding a “relative” you have never heard of being involved in an accident and leaving you with millions of pounds/dollars, then it is a scam! Do not reply!

Posted in a white envelope with a Royal Mail SmartStamp 1st Class “£0.60 72AC 582U Post by 21.05.12” (I’m very much interested in scam emails from the sender code ’72AC 582U’: please contact me if you’ve got one). I received it on the 25th of May, but it had been forwarded from an old addres

Contact details in the letter include:
Dated: 4th April 2012
Tel: +852 8170 3961 (This appears to be a Hong Kong Skype number: at the very least a Hong Kong “forwarding” service with a number range very close to Skype’s)
Sender claims to be: “Lei Pei, Business Relations Manager for Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited in Hong Kong”

So if you’e received a scam email with either RoyalMail Smart Stamp code 72AC 582U (72AC582U) or referencing email address or telephone number 852 8170 3961 (85281703961), please leave a comment – if you can include details of what details are the same and different and when you received the scam post, it would be appreciated.

This scam else where on the net:
* Earlswood Forshaweath – Email address . Name “Mr Tai Chan”. Telephone number 852 8710 3961. Dated early May
* Who calls me – Number 852 8170 3961. Dates starting 14th August 2011. All regarding the same telephone number +852-8170-3961. Names “Cai Cheng”, “Jim Lu”, “Jin Chu”, Teddy Lung”, “David Chu”, “Lei Hu”, “Pete Zu” (also uses the number +852 8191 3202 and +852 3017 7332 and email address, “Kia Wu” (also uses the number +852 812 09 204), “Teo Cheng”, “McCallum Ma”, “Shun Zen”, “Boa Dishi” (also uses the email address, “Jin Wang” (also uses email address, “Leo Chan”, “Lee Shun” (also uses the number +852 8124 5797: also using SmartStamp 62AC 282U), unknown name (also uses email address and phone number +852 8124 5797),


  1. nick nick

    I have recieved a letter like the one you had and the family was stressed using a member of my family’s death. I now intend to sue chiyu banking corporation of hong kong and the uk police have been informed.

    • The “Chiyu Banking Corporation” is probably 100% innocent – their name is just being abused by the scammer. Did you keep the letter and the envelope it came in?

  2. wayne wayne

    got the same mail to my business today from Li Pei
    4th April
    852 8170 3961

  3. A A

    Just had the same – used to the e-mail scams but never a posted envelope. No idea how they managed to get our address.

  4. Anna Anna

    I’ve received an idential letter today, but from a Mr Lee Shun at Chiyu (suposedly).

    The envelope has 73AC 583U and post by 28/05/12 although the letter is dated 23/02/12.

    Tel: +852 8124 5797

    Shame, $14.7m is quite an attractive sum… LOL.

  5. Russ C Russ C

    Hi Just recieved the same letter iffering 50% split on the 18.9M Same banks the dead guy has the same surname but the letter was dated 20th Jan 2012 but only posted 25-5-12, It has the same £0.60 stamp with the same code as your others. Ahh! it would have been nice but as we all know theres nowt free!!

  6. Russ C Russ C

    Hi Just recieved the letter offering the 50% split same amount and same post number. It would have been nice but as we all know there is nowt free in this world!!

  7. Francis Francis

    Hi just received the letter offering the 50% split, Royal Mail, amount is 17.5M, name has changed to Adshead Yu and is now a Private Investment Manager. We received a Fax.# +852-3017-7332 and an email : The date on the letter is March 17.2012

  8. Received letter allegedly from Mr Jin Wang envelope 72AC 483U dated 11.06.12. Letter dated 18th May 2012.

  9. I have received a smart stamped scam letter like this – the Smart Stamp code as read by Google Goggles is JGBA0172AC582U 000000004606112062120114DC9D2BD9351D08

  10. Roger Shepherd Roger Shepherd

    My wife got one of these a couple of days ago.

    Post by 11.06.12
    £0.60 63AC 583U

    Letter dated 18th May 2012
    jinwang54 AT

  11. Stephen Hobbs Stephen Hobbs

    My grandfather just recieved one today, the postal address is a UK royal mail address, 62UC-582U, return email is now fax number 853-3017-7332, supposedly a relative died intestate (without a will) hiking in China, he is a personal financial manager based in Hong Kong, and proposes the spiltting of 17.5M US dollars 50-50. To keep it to themselves, and not discuss the dealings with anyone… a similar scam used to operate from the Isle of Wight many moons ago.

  12. Stephen Hobbs Stephen Hobbs

    My brother also recieved almost identical letter except now the first name matched that of the other letter “William”, but the surname had changed to his own (Hobbs)…. same amount, same email address, same, fax, even same chinese scrawl at the top.

  13. Stephen Hobbs Stephen Hobbs

    My email address given is not valid, it used to be, years ago, it was however done deliberately so, that no-one can spam my mail box, by scanning through email addresses.

  14. penny penny

    We received one of these yesterday from a leo chan Business Relation Manager Chiyu Banking Corporation. Smart stamp 63UC583U letter dated 20th July. E mail address given is – Should I report it and if so, who to??

  15. Mikey Mikey

    I recieved the exact same letter with but posted 2 months after it was written, from Cowley Kung, a private investment manager although 17.5M would b nice, well half in this case.

  16. Simon Simon

    email –
    phone no. – same
    Smart Stamp Code 72UC 582U

  17. eric eric

    I recieved the same letter august 02 2012 Fax85230177332
    From Gosai Ruz

  18. John John

    I have received a similar letter from Brimlow Rue, dated July 26 2012, e-mail address, telephone number +852-3017-7332.

  19. Chris Chris

    name: Caldecott Rue
    stamp: 73AC 583U
    post by: 25.09.12

    Posted July 26th, 2012

  20. Gavin Gavin

    Received similar letter yesterday.

    ‘private investment manager’ wants me to keep hush hush about funds available to me from a deceased relative.

    Chinese gibberish for an address,
    followed by:
    Arthurs Vac,,

    The funny thing is, the person living next door to myself and another person across the road received the same letter on the same day (simply replacing the name of deceased relative). Lucky for me, people were I live all get-on/communicate with each other, so we were instantly aware of this ‘epic logistic fail’ of a con.

    Anyway, we decided to have some fun with the sender and made a secure (hush) e-mail address to respond to the letters, in which we expressed our supprise that the person happened to have had deelings with deceased relatives from all of our families (massive coincidence or what). We apologised for not keeping the communication confidential, but would like to know how much they wanted in fees to make us rich.


    ‘Sorry, no English. Wrong e-mail I think’.

    We responded to that with general rambling-on about what we thought of them and how they should improve the spacing of letters sent if they want to actually make any ill-gotten money on us.

    As of yet no further reply.

    I know it wont change anything but turned our initial anger into a ‘fun community activity’.


    • Gavin Gavin


      If anyone is interested in what the Chinese (I assumed was a fake address of some sort) on the top right of the letter translates to. A Chinese friend of mine has told me thiat it appears to be a joke from the scammers.

      The seven symbols correspond to the Chinese words – cong, zhou, shang, di, tai, de, chen.

      In this context the words roughly translate to – ‘Obey/follow, climb upon the table, this is trully safe, do a favour/kindness, and exchange.’


  21. gilo gilo

    Same dead relative scam again but from Barbour Eua – with fax number +852 3017 7332 and sender code 62AC582U.’s a good read if you want to see revenge being exacted on these pathetic crooks.

  22. jade72 jade72

    my father received one the other day stamp mark is for 60p with the mark of 62AC 582U the person is going under the name now of ji Gibbes with email of also a fax number of +852-3017-7332.

  23. julie julie

    yep i got a letter 2day from a so called private investment manager about a relative called charles same fax number mine was from a danlardy chao

  24. The mother in law received the same type of letter same fax as some listed i.e. 852-3017-7332 purporting to be from a Ramdei Ji investment manager for a late relative leaving money dated 26/12/2012

  25. IAN IAN

    Just recieved a letter from a jun lei bussiness relations manager for china constructtion bank in hong kong about money in a bank called xiamen bank
    mail stamp no 73uc 583u

    • Anne Anne

      Ian, my boss aprea to have received the exact same letter from Mr Jun Lei – weird or what?

  26. Robert Robert

    Similar dead relative scam in a first class envelope from the same smartstamp licence 72UC 582U sent with letter November 2nd but postmarked 03.12.12 to my London SW2 address

    e-mail this time

    Hong Kong fax (!) number +852 3017 7332

    My main concern is – does the scammer or a UK associate have an employer who doesn’t monitor their post-room usage for what must now be thousands of pounds of first class mail activity, or (more worrying?) has he or she hacked Royal Mail’s smartstamp site and has been generating loads of additional franked mail at Royal Mail’s own expense?

  27. my mother recived a letter also, stating a person with the aame surname had died leaving a huge sum of investments unclaimed after thier death. The Q code on the envolope led me to this page. thanks

  28. Barry Fitzgerald Barry Fitzgerald

    I received a letter also, stating a person with the same surname had died leaving a large sum of investments unclaimed after their death.

    name: Zander Hia
    stamp: 63UC 583U
    post by: 11.01.13
    Posted Nov 21 2012

  29. Bonnie Bonnie

    Here is another one:

    name: Zarek Hia
    Stamp: 72AC 582U
    letter dated: 21/11/12
    posted by: 11.01.13

    I received this letter a couple of days after moving address…. To much of a coincidence?

  30. Kevin Kevin

    I received three letters in the same post, one addressed to my full name, one to my second name and the last to my adopted name, all with the 60p smartstamp
    62AC483U. Quite funny really as the senders name in each case was “WONG DU” or wrong one I assume

  31. Colin Colin

    Just had latter from Ted Cheung. the letter asks me to keep info confidential, states that a namesake invested money with a Hong King construction bank. it made a huge amount $18m in 2004!
    A specialist bank in China received money for a fee and made cash available – as namesake needed it ‘liquefied’.
    He then died in car crash in mainland China and died ‘intestate’. he – conveniently – has no next of kin! As I have the same name; Mr Cheung – had offered to split this fortune with me.

    He provides an e-mail but no telephone number.

  32. Alazarin Alazarin

    I received a simlar letter from a Martinho Guf. The smartstamp QR code is 62UC 482U and his email is guf88765:yahoo. com The envelope is dated 02.07.14. The letter itself is dated May 29, 2014

    It’s the usual old dead namesake / relative with a fortunes scam.

  33. Alex Alex

    Had a letter yesterday purporting to be from a Michel Eca typed in faltering and a badly punctuated English who ”operated a horse racing gambling business Osaka Japan’.

    Same modus operandi as your other contributors above. SmartStamp first class postage label from source 72UC 582U with adjacent QR code. Presumably, the Post Office could (if they were minded to) disclose who bought or licences this.

    Envelope has gone through postal system and bears two parallel orange flourescent ‘tags’, the first of which will betray the encoded identifier of the postal depot that first processed the letter. Only the Post Office and the provider of the software would able to betray where that was, but they refused a recent FOI request for that information on the basis that it was a trade secret.

    There are three oriental characters followed by an e mail address. The letter is dated the same day as I received it!

    The hardship story alleges that a namesake of mine (of whom I’ve never heard) won millions in USD on a bet placed with Mr Eca in 2002 but never claimed it – and then died in China without any heirs! As if! The Japanese FCA apparently absorb any unclaimed amounts after 5 years.

    The sob story continues to suggest that the Japanese government, following the 2011 tsunami, prevented Mr Eca from “working legally”.

    I am, apparently, the only namesake he’s been able to find. Dozens with my surname and their address are available on Company Check, but not mine, so how he got it, I don’t know.

    He is suggesting we work together to get the money.This would involve me parting with that which I don’t have, no doubt.

    I don’t know, either, whether it’s worth passing this information and the letter and envelope to the police or whether the amount of scamming is just impossibly enormous for them to investigate.

  34. Sara Sara

    my elderly father received one of these letters from Jim Lu, dated 13/7/12 (rm smartstamp x070cl43,29/7/14) to keep it secret & share half $17.4m. luckily he realised it’s a scam but worried how person got his details. i have my parents registered on TPS & MPS but it’s very worrying that they are still recieving mail and telephone scams.

  35. Dunc Dunc

    Just received a letter offering £17.370 million from Jim Lu, complete scam

  36. Catherine Catherine

    Same, this is the 2nd letter…. Jim Lu email to go 50/50 in 17.37m. Time Royal Mail did something!

  37. Jackie Hinton Jackie Hinton

    I received two letters within couple days of each other.

    The first 72AC 582U stamped 01.08.14 but letter dated July 02, 2014 purporting to be from Chu Eca who worked for a late relation of mine as his private investment manager. He suggested we work together to legally secure this money. At the top of the letter Chinese symbols and email: Also wanted to keep this communication confidential.

    The second L324 CCUO stamped 06.08.14 but letter dated 13th July 2014 purporting from Jim Lu, Business Relations Manager for China Construction Bank in Hong Kong. He says he is a family man but knows that nothing ventured nothing gained. Not to betray his confidence and keep this confidential. At the top of the letter email:

  38. Lisa Feasey Lisa Feasey

    I received a similar letter to my home address yesterday giving the name of my late father in law who the letter says died in a car crash in china. (he actually died of cancer in the UK). I am not even a blood relation and yet there are many blood relations who are easy to trace and I actually divorced out of this family 15 years ago! My half share of the 17.5 Million USD would have been a nice nest egg for my children all the same!
    ok the details:
    Sender Jin Feng (
    Business Relations Manager for China Construction Bank Hong Kong
    Letter dated 10th November 2014 envelope stamped 19.11.14 and received on 21.11.14
    Royal mail 1st class £0.62 X070CL43
    Postage paid GB SmartStamp.Co.UK

  39. Charlene Charlene

    I received same letter today 4th dec 2014

  40. Ms. Carla Ms. Carla

    I also received the same letter but from the email address:

    Jim Lu, Business Relations Manager for China Construction Bank in Hong Kong. He says he is a family man but knows that nothing ventured nothing gained, not to betray his confidence and keep this confidential.

    Everyone needs to be made aware as some people are actually gullible enough to fall for this!

  41. i got same letter on december 15th off mr de zhang .

  42. Bernard B Bernard B

    And another received here mentioning a supposed deceased relative with my surname.

    Royal Mail SmartStamp 1st class £0.62p 72UC 482U. It purports to be from a Miller Hu, though the Chinese script above Mr Hu’s supposed email address says “From the desk of Ted Chen” (if Google Translate on the OCR’d characters is correct).

    Letter blank on back, so can be safely ignored and recycled!

  43. Ian Ian

    My Mrs has received one on these today from a Mr Cheung Du, Royal Mail smart stamp 52UC 582U.

    He stated to keep the letter strictly confidential because of its sensitive nature.

  44. Liz Liz

    Received one of these letters today (16/5/2105) from Mr Ma Zhang. How to I report it to the police?

  45. Siva Siva

    Similar to liz i just received a letter from Mr Ma Zang, letter dated of 4th of july, faking to be the business relations manager for china construction bank in Hong Kong. Can someone please report this to the police as i don’t know how to do it. And please alert everyone from being fooled by this person.

    • Siva Siva

      From royal mail, LUA5 7603

  46. Anil Sharma Anil Sharma

    Received letter from a Mr Wang xu, with same content as others .
    Posted 28.07.15, £0 .62 postage,L35L E49L.
    Have letter and envelope.

  47. mary mary

    My elderly father received a letter this week. Does not have email.
    Mr Ma Zhang, Business Relations Manager, China Construction Bank
    Dated 7th August 2015
    Postage L35L E49L

  48. Helen Helen

    Just received the self-same letter from a Ma Zhang, B.R. Mgr., yadda yadda.

    Letter dated 24th October 2015, posted 4th November 2015.

    The stamp code on the envelope is L593 0CLX.

  49. Andy Andy

    Letter from Ma Zhang, China Construction Bank Hong Kong. Proposes 50:50 split of $17.37 million.

  50. David David

    Received a letter from Mr Ma Zhang, Business Relations Manager, China Construction Bank
    Dated 24th. October 2015
    Postage L786 L722

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