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Scam post mail from Smart Stamp

I’ve just received the following scam post by Royal Mail and I would be very very much interested in hearing back from anybody else who has received one. Please retain the envelope and any other correspondence! If you do receive a letter regarding a “relative” you have never heard of being involved in an accident and leaving you with millions of pounds/dollars, then it is a scam! Do not reply!

Posted in a white envelope with a Royal Mail SmartStamp 1st Class “£0.60 72AC 582U Post by 21.05.12” (I’m very much interested in scam emails from the sender code ’72AC 582U’: please contact me if you’ve got one). I received it on the 25th of May, but it had been forwarded from an old addres

Contact details in the letter include:
Dated: 4th April 2012
Tel: +852 8170 3961 (This appears to be a Hong Kong Skype number: at the very least a Hong Kong “forwarding” service with a number range very close to Skype’s)
Sender claims to be: “Lei Pei, Business Relations Manager for Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited in Hong Kong”

So if you’e received a scam email with either RoyalMail Smart Stamp code 72AC 582U (72AC582U) or referencing email address or telephone number 852 8170 3961 (85281703961), please leave a comment – if you can include details of what details are the same and different and when you received the scam post, it would be appreciated.

This scam else where on the net:
* Earlswood Forshaweath – Email address . Name “Mr Tai Chan”. Telephone number 852 8710 3961. Dated early May
* Who calls me – Number 852 8170 3961. Dates starting 14th August 2011. All regarding the same telephone number +852-8170-3961. Names “Cai Cheng”, “Jim Lu”, “Jin Chu”, Teddy Lung”, “David Chu”, “Lei Hu”, “Pete Zu” (also uses the number +852 8191 3202 and +852 3017 7332 and email address, “Kia Wu” (also uses the number +852 812 09 204), “Teo Cheng”, “McCallum Ma”, “Shun Zen”, “Boa Dishi” (also uses the email address, “Jin Wang” (also uses email address, “Leo Chan”, “Lee Shun” (also uses the number +852 8124 5797: also using SmartStamp 62AC 282U), unknown name (also uses email address and phone number +852 8124 5797),


  1. ian ian

    My letter from Zion Gut today was for £17.5 million which I believe trumps all of you …. Yeah

    Postage was 63p so I’m guessing must be good for him

  2. Anne Anne

    My husband received a letter today from a Mr. Guo Xi from a Buisness bank in Hong Kong. I checked and bank exists however this name is made up of two people on their board…. Letter promises half of $17.3 million and this person will take half….
    Well well so the scam continues…..

  3. Mirror06 Mirror06

    Received today, 29th April 2016 posted 18th April 2016 (allegedly). Same letter but from Mr Guo Xu, Business Relations Manager for China Construction Bank in Hong Kong. Again 50:50 split of $17.37m.

  4. Geoff Geoff

    My wife received a similar letter today (24th May) from Guo Xu, dated 11th May 2016 with the e-mail address

    The stamp code is LUA5 7603 – post by 23.05.16

  5. S. Robinson S. Robinson

    Received a few days ago – similar letter from mr guo xu. Only an email adress given,.no tel. No.

  6. Sandra Sandra

    Smartstamp number73AC 583U
    Mr Ma Zhang promises to share $17.37 million dollars from deceased investor.

  7. Eugene Futcher Eugene Futcher

    Received letter from Guo Xu today £0.64 Royal Mail postage talking of $17.370 M US. Clearly a scam, looked and found this site. Presumably some ‘facilitation’ expenses would have cropped up later before ‘my’ half of the pot could be released. Does anyone fall for this?

  8. Fred Fred

    Got a letter today from Guo Xu offering $17.3 million, though I get hordes of similar offers from mainly African fraudsters.
    Good to share this info though I hate it when I hear of innocent people getting ripped off.

    Smart stamp number is LUA5 7603 though I doubt this guy is actually paying the postage himself it would be nice to know if its traceable.

  9. John Page John Page

    Yes too, we have received the same letter and content from Guo Xu. I have to some extent led him “down the path” with an exchange e’mails to encourage him to which he has responded, including his usual tactic of sending a photograph of his wife and children!! I have copies of his mails, all of them, if anyone is interested.

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