Month: March 2013

  • Magento: Class Zend_log not found in GoMage Lightcheckout Help file

    Do you receive an error message such as: Fatal error: Class ‘Zend_Log’ not found in /…/app/code/local/GoMage/Checkout/Block/Adminhtml/System/Config/Fieldset/Help.php on line 48 when running the GoMage Lightcheckout v3.1 plugin for Magento? If so, it’s a quick fix: just open up that file and remove the section: protected function _getFieldsetCss() { $configCss = (string)$this->getGroup()->fieldset_css; return ‘config collapseable’.($configCss ? ‘ […]

  • Magento: Associating customer accounts

    If you run a Magento e-commerce store, you may occasionally find existing customers placing orders without being logged into their account. This isn’t a problem usually, unless the customer is one of those vary rare ones which actually logs into the customer frontend to track/check their order(s). If they weren’t logged in, they won’t see […]