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About me: Inter(net)esting dates

Here’s my “interest internet related dates”, what are yours? (I’ve highlighted “key dates”)
* November 1994: [general] founded
* November 1994: Started a public domain software library for BBC computer software
* December 1994: Changed the public domain software library to promote RISC OS software (upon purchase of an Acorn A3010)
* 1995: Started casually programming in Perl testing changes on the RISC OS Doggysoft Termite Internet software
* 26th December 1995: Got on the internet (over half my life ago). Started up with a dialup connection via Demon Internet on an Acorn A3010: involved about 3 floppy disks if I wanted to view the web (most of my time was originally on USENET newsgroups and email)
* March 1996: [general] Google started as “BackRub”
* June 1998: Commercially released BWGSMPlay as shareware software
* January 1997: [general] HTML 3.2 standard set
* Feburary 1997: “Upgraded” from the Doggysoft Termite Internet software to the ANT Internet Suite and the ANT Fresco web browser
* May 1998: Registered my first .com domain name and web hosting via Netlink internet
* June 1998: [general] PHP 3 released
* September 1998: [general] Acorn Group PLC closed down workstation division.
* October 1998: [general] Amazon acquires which becomes Amazon UK
* November 1998: Registered my first domain name
* December 1998: Launched a free (call costs only) internet service
* February 1999: Appeared on Meridian TV (ITV)’s about the internet
* 2000: Got my first paid internet related job (reviewing websites for the UKPlus web directory)
* May 2000: [general] PHP 4 released
* June 2000: Wrote an article entitled “What is FTP?” for Archive Magazine
* February 2001: Got my first paid internet related programming job (Systems developer for Cradley Print: developing sites in Perl and MySQL [on Windows!] and then moving to PHP)
* 2001: Upgraded to a dedicated server at PositiveInternet
* September 2002: Joined WebmasterWorld
* November 2002: Setup this blog (although some entries date back before them as they were imported from other sources)
* February 2004: [general] Facebook founded as “thefacebook”
* July 2005: [general] PHP 5 released
* 2006: Met my “wife to be” at a search engine optimisation company (and we started “flirting” over MySpace)
* March 2006: [general] Twitter founded as “twttr”
* August 2006: Switched this blog from Movabletype to WordPress
* 2007: Joined Facebook
* February 2008: Got engaged
* September 2008: Setup an internet related Ltd company
* July 2010: Joined Twitter
* September 2012: Got married

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