Month: August 2014

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    Type Rendering Mix The Problem With Using HTML Imports For Dependency Management HTML Imports: #include for the web accounting.js: JavaScript number and currency formatting library How To Use MySQL Query Profiling | DigitalOcean Timing your SQL queries « MySQL Expert | MySQL Performance | MySQL Consulting CSV Lint | Check your CSV files with CSVLint […]

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    AWS Tips I Wish I'd Known Before I Started – W(e)blinks How we built Ampp3d Handling 1 Billion requests a week with Symfony2 – Octivi Labs VisualPing – Visual Website Monitoring. Simplified. Embed YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps etc in a responsive manner Annoyingly, I spent a week a few months ago building something very similar […]

  • Farnham hotel prices compared

    Please bear in mind this post was written for my own research purposes/notes and prices/availability and your needs will differ. Checked on the 5th of August for a one night stay 12-13th August for a double room for a single guest. Walking distances given from the hotel to GU9 7NJ (Borelli Yard, Farnham) via Google […]