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Category: Net: Fun

Fun: Pick On George Bush!

I’ve come across a couple of sites today poking fun at George W. Bush (did you know the ‘W’ stood for Walker?’). Whilst I know it’s not a new occurance, the site posted by UserFriendly is quite fun – “Make Your Own Bush Speech” (where you join up words and phrases to make Dubya speak). And Joho has blogged with this picture Dubya with a pair of binoculars. But click on the picture (to get a bigger view) and look at the lens cap of the binocs… And the Americans trust him to run their country? 🙂 PLEASE DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THESE PICTURES: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Fun: How much is inside a keg…

Woo! At long last Rob Cockerham of Cockeyed has updated his very strange, but enjoyable, site to include How Much Is Inside A Keg (of beer) – part of his How Much Is Inside… series strangely enough (so if you wanted to know how much was inside a lipstick, can of shaving cream, coffee or a whole heap of other things: then head along to his site). And, no, Rob hasn’t paid me to say all that (I’ve never corresponded with him), I just like his site. I’m not too interested in the answer anyway, as I don’t drink beer or lager (can’t stand the stuff to be honest!).