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Posts about the PHP programming language

Techy: Background Processes In PHP

From What You’re Doing Is Rather Desperate is a very nice way of running a background task in PHP. I’ve implemented compression of a .tar file in the following method using this code: $ps=runinbackground(“gzip -v $tarfile -c 1> “.$tmp.”download.tar.gz 2>”.$tmp.”download.tar.log”); $count=0; while (isprocessrunning($ps)) { sendupdate(3,’overall’,’Compressing’.str_repeat(‘.’,$count).$lastline); $count++; if ($count>8) { $count=0; } sleep(1); } function runinbackground($command) { #error_log($command); $command=”nohup $command & echo $!”; #error_log($command); $PID=shell_exec($command); return ($PID); } function isprocessrunning($PID) { exec(“ps $PID”,$processstate); return(count($processstate)>=2); } I can then monitor (within the loop) the download.tar.log file if necessary. Hope it helps someone else.