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Bug Report: [WontFix] Monzo Export To Google Sheets fails for Advanced Protection Programme Accounts

In an effort to prove to myself that I am actually trying to do work this last month, I’m making a note of all the bugs in 3rd party software I find.

Today is a bug reported to Monzo Bank Ltd (referral link) on the 14th June 2022 where I, as a Plus customer, should have had the ability to export transactions to Google Sheets but was unable to do so due to my participation in Google’s Advanced Protection Programme. This issue was closed on the 16th of June basically say “can’t/won’t fix” 🙁

Request Tracker (RT) and Google Apps

If you are trying to setup Best Practical’s Request Tracker (RT) system (originally written by Jesse Vincent, but I more associate Dave Rolsky with it), to work with a Google Apps hosted domain (so you have Google Mail/Gmail for your domain), you may find the following useful. First of all, install “rt” on your Linux box and install “fetchmail” using your package manager if it isn’t already installed Setup an email account something like “support@” or “rt@” (I’ll use “rt@” in these examples) in Google Apps. Make a note of the password you set In /opt/rt3/etc/ (if you used the default install location), you’ll need to set the following: Set( $RTAddressRegexp,’^rt(\+[a-z]+)?\@example\.com$’); Do the basic configuration of “rt” and make your queues – I made the following queues: Queue name Reply address Comment address Backend Frontend Billing General Log into your new Google Apps Gmail account with the details you created and agree to the terms of service etc Click on “Settings” and “Filters” and create a series of filters such as: To: [Next step] Skip the Inbox (Archive it) Apply the label: backend Never send it to Spam [Create filter] To:…