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  • News Commentary: Performing Rights Society and YouTube’s disagreement

    As you may aware, the UK’s Performing Right Society (PRS) has had a “little falling out” with YouTube. Basically, as far as I can tell from the BBC reports, YouTube is not willing to pay what the PRS is requesting (some say the PRS is asking for considerably more money the currently, some say that […]

  • Google Checkout: Same fees as Paypal, what advantages?

    Well, within a few weeks I was going to update a new e-commerce site hoping to utilise Google Checkout and the benefits it offered (the previously discussed lower fees than Paypal and those fees could be reduced to zero by advertising on Google). But no more! Like many others, I’ve just received the email (below) […]

  • Tech: Google Cookie Opt-Out Plugin or Customising The Cookie

    It appears that Google offers an Advertising Cookie Opt-Out Plugin which not only sets the DoubleClick opt-out cookie (DoubleClick is now owned by Google don’tcha know?), but also ensures this cookie is set to persist even if you empty your browser cookies (Internet Explorer and Firefox only). However, not only can you get this cookie […]

  • Google Transit Maps

    Cool – I’ve been thinking about something like this for a couple of days ago, and Google has just announced nearly what I was thinking: a transit/transport map of London showing where the tubes/lines actually go so you can easily plot alternative routes from not being underground – see London’s map. Now they just need […]

  • Paypal, ClickAndBuy, Google Checkout, NoChex and Worldpay Fees

    Here’s more a reminder to myself and all figures are based off “base rates” currently provided by the various Payment gateways. Check the figures yourself before using them as they may have changed. I can’t accept any liability for how you use this information. Paypal charge a fixed fee of £0.20 and 3.4% of each […]