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Game: Wrath II

December 17th, 2002

[Wrath II]By the same person that made “Lost Your Marbles“, there’s a largish Flash game (which includes Harvey from LYM in the loading screen) called Wrath II.

Starting off with the introduction of “And on the sixth day, God created man. By the seventh day, he’d realised his mistake. And “B—-r!” was the word.” should give you an idea of what you have to do. Still not clued up? Well, the instructions (from “Encyclopedia Satanica”) state: “What a bummer… You created mankind in your own image huh? Bit of a silly thing to do wasn’t it. So naturally, they’ve run amok, and really p—d you off, right? Sounds like punishment time”.

Yes: you finally get to play God! Starting off with just a lighting bolt, as you progress through the levels you get a Hay Bomb (a sort of time delay bomb), a flood, earthquake, “angel of death”, and a “bonzai volcano”. But it’s not so easy to kill those awkward humans, sheep and cattle. Angels, aliens and even the Lord Of Darkness – Satan himself – will try and stop you…

Game: Lost Your Marbles?

December 14th, 2002

[Lost your Marbles?]It’s been a long and trying year for me (so no change from usual!), in fact some bits have been so stressful and strange, that I keep on thinking that perhaps, just maybe, I have lost my marbles and I’ll start saying flibblepenguin at the end of every other paragraph…

At least I can know fight back! Using my mouse (and my spacebar to speed up the Flash game), I can now find my marbles. The first level is quite easy, but they soon get more difficult – as you’ve got a moving maze and a ‘person’ that doesn’t quite do what you want them to do – you soon loose lives if you continue to hit the walls. I’ve managed to score 6280 (level 4: The Vault) so far – can you do any better? Flibblepenguin!

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