Game: Lost Your Marbles?

December 14th, 2002 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Lost your Marbles?]It’s been a long and trying year for me (so no change from usual!), in fact some bits have been so stressful and strange, that I keep on thinking that perhaps, just maybe, I have lost my marbles and I’ll start saying flibblepenguin at the end of every other paragraph…

At least I can know fight back! Using my mouse (and my spacebar to speed up the Flash game), I can now find my marbles. The first level is quite easy, but they soon get more difficult – as you’ve got a moving maze and a ‘person’ that doesn’t quite do what you want them to do – you soon loose lives if you continue to hit the walls. I’ve managed to score 6280 (level 4: The Vault) so far – can you do any better? Flibblepenguin!

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