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Game: Zilch – Don’t get nothing!

January 18th, 2009

Just my luck, just when I think I’ll spend a weekend doing work, I find another addictive Flash game online! Zilch is a basic game where you score points by rolling dice (very similar to Yahtzee), with the aim of getting 10,000 points. However, if you fail to score 3 times in a row (scoring nothing means you get “Zilch”), you lose another 500 points.

Quite a fun game trying to decide whether to “Bank” (which you can only do once you have 300 points) or rolling again and risk losing everything (but standing to gain a few more hundred or even thousand points).

Fun: The Snowman Irn Bru advert

December 15th, 2007

If you haven’t already seen it – the new Irn Bru advert featuring a certain Snowman. Needs sound, Flash and somewhere to roll on the floor laughing afterwards.

Quite a few renditions of places in Scotland where Irn-Bru is made if you can spot them!

Game: Pocketful of Stars

January 9th, 2003

[Pocketful Of Stars]In this cute little Flash game, Pocketful of Stars, you use your mouse to control a little girl who likes collecting stars. Just click on her, hold the mouse button down to increase her jumping power and then release it (all whilst keeping the mouse pointer over her) and then help guide her reflection to collect the stars.

You get extra points for collecting several stars in a jump and more points for a moving shooting star. The noises the little girl makes as she jumps are quite sweet – but it is difficult sometimes to keep the mouse pointer on her to make her jump.

My highest score so far has been 1418 (82 stars) – it shouldn’t be that difficult to break…

Game: Sonar Football

December 22nd, 2002

[Sonar Football]Well, I haven’t blogged about a game for a couple of days now (just haven’t had the time to play them), but I have been forwarded details of the Japanese Flash game Sonar Challenge where you’ve got to keep a football “in the air” by bouncing it off your mouse cursor.

It’s easyish (but I wish I could understand what the Japanese ‘commentator’ is saying), but as soon as you lose control of the ball that’s it. My highest score so far is 42 bounces (lasting 35.17seconds).

Don’t forget – if you can do better or know of any other games: let me know! 🙂

Game: Lost Your Marbles?

December 14th, 2002

[Lost your Marbles?]It’s been a long and trying year for me (so no change from usual!), in fact some bits have been so stressful and strange, that I keep on thinking that perhaps, just maybe, I have lost my marbles and I’ll start saying flibblepenguin at the end of every other paragraph…

At least I can know fight back! Using my mouse (and my spacebar to speed up the Flash game), I can now find my marbles. The first level is quite easy, but they soon get more difficult – as you’ve got a moving maze and a ‘person’ that doesn’t quite do what you want them to do – you soon loose lives if you continue to hit the walls. I’ve managed to score 6280 (level 4: The Vault) so far – can you do any better? Flibblepenguin!

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