Game: Pocketful of Stars

January 9th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Pocketful Of Stars]In this cute little Flash game, Pocketful of Stars, you use your mouse to control a little girl who likes collecting stars. Just click on her, hold the mouse button down to increase her jumping power and then release it (all whilst keeping the mouse pointer over her) and then help guide her reflection to collect the stars.

You get extra points for collecting several stars in a jump and more points for a moving shooting star. The noises the little girl makes as she jumps are quite sweet – but it is difficult sometimes to keep the mouse pointer on her to make her jump.

My highest score so far has been 1418 (82 stars) – it shouldn’t be that difficult to break…

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  1. Michel says:

    Pocketful of Stars seems not to be working. Am I supposed to click on above picture? Where am to download this game from? Thanks in anticipation.

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