Weird: Origami Boulder

December 15th, 2002 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Origiami Boulder]Are you looking for an unusual present to get someone this Christmas? Well, how about something that combines the Japanese craft of Origami, the simplicity of a piece of paper and the conceptual masterpiece and design of a boulder/rock? Yep – you can know own (for the low cost price of just $10) your own Wadded Paper Origami Boulder – for an extra $5 you can also get it with a Haiku poem.

As the artist says: “This very nice artwork that come with card and make good gift for your friend. Your friend never forget you when you send fine art gift like this! I am famous Internet artist, so original wadded paper origami art become VERY VALUABLE some day. Especially haiku version, because it is double artwork.”.

Hmm – what a shame my Christmas shopping is nearly complete: I doubt they would have been able to ship it to me in time anyway…

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