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Techy: New Hosting Solutions

May 10th, 2007

A few months back, my blog (and websites) were relocated to another server solution. Why? Well, I had originally upgraded from a Positive Internet shared hosting account to their “Dolphin” Dedicated Server as I was using up a few too many resources. I then switched to EV1Servers (now part of The Planet) as they were much cheaper (being US based). When they paid the “Linux License fee” to SCO Scum, I ditched them and went to The Planet. Once they started going downhill support wise, I then moved down to a VPS with UnixShell.

However, I had big plans for a site which I’ve now ditched and the VPS just wasn’t big enough – so I upgraded for nearly a year to a Dedicated Server with Softlayer. But that was posing too expensive for my needs (since I didn’t really need a Dual Processor 4Gb 2x250Gb machine for my sites!). So I’ve now switched to the UK VPS hosting outfit Hosted on a memset dedicated serverMemset on their VPS “Miniserver 512” package.

For that Xen powered VPS, I’m getting the Equivalent CPU of a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz processor, a minimum of 512Mb RAM, 40Gb disc space, 80Gb bandwidth allowance on a 10Mbps connection (I could have gone for an unmetered 5Mbps connection, but I prefer to keep an eye on my bandwidth usage), 2 IP addresses, Fedora cPanel/Fantastico for a total of £76.32 per month.

Support, when I’ve needed them (which has only been to request the secondary IP address which isn’t setup by default and to correct a licensing issue with Fantastico) has been quite responsive and good (although I do try and supply all relevant details – including error messages – when I do contact support teams as I know what it’s like to have too little information!). The VPS account seems to be reliable and (and this will make my other half happy) – they are also “Carbon Neutral”.

If you’re interested – then give them a call or email and say you were referred by user “beebwaa” and you’ll be granted a 10% discount off the Miniserver Virtual Machine or Fully Dedicated Server packages.

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