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Games: PacMan

January 27th, 2003

[PacMan]Looking to relive those old 8-bit days of Pac-Man (or, if you grew up on BBC computers like me, Snapper)? Then have I got the game for you!

It’s a 3d looking version of PacMan (very reminiscent of PacMania I first saw on a friends Amiga). You use the cursor keys (the bunch of four arrows on the right of most keyboards) to control the little yellow munchy creature (who, by some strange coincidence, is also called PacMan). If you’ve never come across this classic before (where have you been?) the aim of the game is to just “eat” all the dots and avoid the ghosts. If you eat one of the big yellow “power pills” in each corner then the ghosts turn “edible” for a short time and you can eat them to get extra points – keep an eye out for the bonus fruit as well.

The game is totally Java based and so should work on any platform (happy now Ciaran? 🙂 ) and is work-safe as there is no sound. Yep – it isn’t quite perfect (I miss the munch-munch-munch sound), but at least you can have a go at beating my out-of-practise pathetic 43,320 score.

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