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Game: Psychedelic Pong

December 28th, 2002

[Psychedelic Pong]I had honestly believed that I had already found most Pong! sites out there, but that was before I came across Psychedelic Pong.

You simply control both bats using your mouse and have just got to bounce the ball between the two bats 76 times (yep, it has got a “target”). But the background keeps on changing color/colours and the ball keeps on appearing to move “backwards and forwards” and the strange music makes it a little bit difficult. Plus, once you loose a ball (you start with 5), the next ball resumes in the middle at the same speed at the one you lost – making it very easy to lose 3 balls in succession.

I’ve managed to score 57 so far (28 with the same ball), but I’m going to try and complete it…

Games: Pong and Pong and Pong

November 29th, 2002

[Pong Screenshot]Wow! There seems to be quite a few sites about Pong out there! There’s the previously mentioned game of Radial Pong, this fancy Flash movie about Pong not just being a game (and how those bats are really controlled), a quite infuriating and difficult Shockwave game of 3D Pong (I managed a final “high” score of 121), a 3 slightly less high-tech looking versions are also available and there is even a nice text based version available (“The enemy, the Left Paddle, has managed to reflect your shot and send it back to you. It looks like it’s going to go below your paddle”).

Pong your heart out!

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