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Games: Pong and Pong and Pong

November 29th, 2002

[Pong Screenshot]Wow! There seems to be quite a few sites about Pong out there! There’s the previously mentioned game of Radial Pong, this fancy Flash movie about Pong not just being a game (and how those bats are really controlled), a quite infuriating and difficult Shockwave game of 3D Pong (I managed a final “high” score of 121), a 3 slightly less high-tech looking versions are also available and there is even a nice text based version available (“The enemy, the Left Paddle, has managed to reflect your shot and send it back to you. It looks like it’s going to go below your paddle”).

Pong your heart out!

Game: Radial Pong

November 15th, 2002

Sigh, I remember playing Pong with the old Paddle-style joysticks on a video games system when I was just a wee kid. And now Firda has blogged about the Java Radial Pong game. Instead of the bats being straight, vertical and facing each other on opposite sides of the screen, they are curved and can travel all the way round in a circle. So instead of having to cover a straight line (where the ball could bounce out), you’ve now got to cover 360 degrees. *gulp*

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