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Blog: Trackback Spam

July 2nd, 2004

Neil and myself have just been hit by some nasty track back spam promoting some illegal adult websites from the IP addresses and

I haven’t found much mention of the 198. IP address on the internet, but the is an open proxy server: therefore, I’ve taken the (reluctant) decision to block all open/anonymiser proxy servers from accessing this blog site (details taken from StayInvisible).

If you want to do the same – a suitable list for sticking into Apache’s .htaccess file is available here: but it may block off ‘good users’ as well as spammers (as with any anti-spam system), but at the moment, I’m willing to take the risk (I hate having to go through the MySQL database by hand, deleting the spam and then rebuilding the blog).

(added: Les of StupidEvilBastard was hit as well by the same spammer)
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