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Fun: Show Me, Show You, Kikkomannnnn!

[Kikkoman Advert]Thanks to Scott over at the Gamer’s Nook (who found it via Trish), I’ve watched the English subtitled version of Kikkoman: Show Me, Show You umpteen times – the music, combined the the Japanese audio kinda sticks in your head, and after the 4th time it’s difficult to stop singing “Show Me, Show You, Kikkoman, Kikkoman”. Of course, if you know Japanese – you can watch the original presentation.

But what about the little critters you see in the movie? Well, to answer that question you’ll have to watch the Banana And Shrimp Show Time flash movie (Japanese original version) from the same site.

Believe me, the movie about the foolish monsters is even more confusing than that singing, dancing, fighting soy sauce bottle! Now, if I can just learn Japanese I can read the story behind Kikkoman.