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Well, I’m currently joint 17th in the category of ‘Best Editall’ (with 5 votes: 2%) and joint 11th in ‘Best Ambassador’ category (with 8 votes: 4.8%) of the ‘November 2002 ODP Mozzie Awards’: and with less than 24hrs left of voting to go, it doesn’t look like I’m going to win either category. Drat. But first time I’ve really been nominated, so I suppose I shouldn’t hope for too much 🙂

It’s now 8.58am, and just about time I thought about going to sleep!

Oh, my “campaign” speech? Erm, it went a little something like this:

Oh, so that’s less than 24 hours for YOU (yep: I’m talking to you!) to vote for me (beebware) in the categories of ‘Best Editall’ and ‘Best Ambassador’ at….. – after that, it’s just too late to vote.
No, don’t say “I’ll vote tomorrow”, it’ll just be too late then. Just remember that each minute and hour of your life is important so why put off till tomorrow what you could do today (like voting for me): you never know, something horrible could happen to you tomorrow and then it’ll be too late! (for example, your editing rights revoked because you decided _not_ to vote for me in the categories of ‘Best Editall’ and ‘Best Ambassador’ at……).

[beebs goes away muttering: if that doesn’t get me a couple of extra votes, I don’t know what will…Maybe I’ll have to get Anne Robinson to host Have I got news for you…]

Perhaps I should have started asking for votes before hand… 🙂

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