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News: Myra Hindley Has Died

Well, the Moors MurdererMyra Hindley has died aged 60. I haven’t really got much to say on the subject as she was imprisoned for the murder of the 2 children in 1966 (she later confessed to the rest) which was ‘before my time’. I’m not even quite sure why I’m blogging about it, but at least the cost on the prison service has been reduced (she’s been in prison for around 40 years and had made quite a number of appeals in the time). Oh well.

The only kinda (and I know this may sound “sick” to some people) amusing thing about it all is that she’s going to be cremated. For some reason, I can remember a song that went “Myra Hindley, she smoked like a chimney, but she’s my little nicotine girl” and just recalling those lyrics (which may not even be accurate) in-conjunction with her being cremated (ie going up a chimney) is kinda ironic…

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  1. Chas Chas

    With all the media surrounding the possible early release of Miss Hindley, do you think it is possible that her sudden “death” could be an elaborate hoax, and she could well be walking the streets today? Just a thought!

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