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News: Damn Texan Prudes

Last updated on October 24, 2014

texandildo.jpgIt seems those strange Texans are at it again! According to this news article I found via Big Pink Cookie‘s blog, a woman from Longview, Texas was pulled over for drunk driving, but was also arrested and charged with felony obscenity after police found obscene materials and devices in her car (we in the UK call them “sex toys”, the Texans call them “an obscene device [which] is a simulated sexual organ or an item designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.” It seems if you are caught with more than 6 sex toys in Texas, you are promoting them – and that’s illegal!

She worked for a company called “Slumber Parties” and was transporting the “goods” as part of her business (holding “parties” at peoples houses where they could then buy the items in question). I just wonder if there is anything like that here in the UK, if so all the Ann Summers distributors better start getting worried….

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  1. There are Ann Summers parties, but I wouldn’t know about those, what with being a bloke and all.

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