Fun: Lego Movies

[A shot from One: A Space Odyssey]Ok, I was just about to blog about something else funny that I found on the ‘net, when I came across the Lego Movie website. Last time I checked, they only had part of Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail, but they’ve now got: “Scary Thriller” – a horror movie type spoof which, just as you think something is about to happen, it doesn’t – a “a Star Wars Spoof (actually “Episode V 1/2: ‘The Han Solo Affair’”) which, although being just a single running gag had me laughing (either I’m easily pleased, it was funny or it was because I should be in bed now).

They’ve also got One: A Space Odyssey (parody of 2001 – I’m just about to start re-reading that book after reading 3001, 2061 and 2010 – and yep, in that order), but the Spider-Man spoof was just too quick for my liking… I’ve found out that most of those were actually made by Spite Your Face productions and they’ve got a good background details page about ‘One’.

There’s also a Lego rendition of M.C.Escher‘s Ascending And Descending picture and Belvedere out there on the net…

No wonder after all that active, the little men just want to relax, build computers and smoke!

Hmm, I so much want to buy some Lego’s now: it’s been age’s since I last played with them… *sigh*.

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