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Fun: Wacko Jacko!

November 14th, 2002

Gretchen has blogged about this page showing a photographic history of Michael Jackson‘s Face that she found via an entry at Ain’t Too Proud To Blog.

Personally, I do think that the photo of him on this Reuters news article does show Darwin’s theory of Evolution in reverse…All together now, sing: “I wanna walk like you, talk like you, it’s true…”

Blogging: Referrers

November 14th, 2002

Hmm, looking at my referrer logs for this site, it seems some 42 folks at NASCAR® Racing 2002 Discussion (registration required) were quite interested in the Mystery of Time Space Adventure, 30 people at Q4Music and 10 at Castle Quest liked the George Bush photo (so much they ‘leeched’ the photo off my site: see Cockeyed for what I could have done to the image), and 2 from totalxsive’s blog. Google search results, referrer spam and sites that have referred less than 10 visitors excluded.

Interesting reading 🙂

News: Postcode Googling

November 14th, 2002

The BBC News website currently has an article called “Web reveals hidden lives“. Basically, you throw your postcode into a search engine such as Google and you can find out what your neighbours get up to. Well, that’s the theory. I threw in my postcode, and promptly got my details back (and two links to maps). Hmm… I then used the Royal Mail Postcode Finder to find other postcodes that cover my street…
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Work: Internet Connectivity Busted

November 14th, 2002

Aaargghhhh! Our main internet connection has gone down – we alerted our main ISP at 11.50am (first one to do so: shows how much on the ball I am, plus I had conduct all the necessary tests to be able to tell them what the problem is 🙂 ). It’s now 3.10pm and we’ve had to resort to dialup. Correction – I’ve had to resort to dialup to our backup ISP: therefore all urgent internet related stuff is having to pass thru me. Problem of being system administrator 🙁

Whilst we’ve got the remote backup mail servers+name servers hosted on another backbone (as per good internet setups 🙂 ), we decided that since our ISP had been so good so far, we didn’t need full broadband access from another ISP (saves money too). Now I’ve got the whole business getting it’s connectivity thru one 56k dialup modem attached to a fax line: not good, but hopefully it’s only temporary. I hope it is, as the fax machine don’t sound happy sharing the line (I can hear the modem thru the fax’s speaker).

It’s not the best backup solution in existence, but it works, it does its job (ie no data loss, still can get essential emails etc), and is cost effective. Ok, if it’s still down at 4pm, we may have to do something major but fingers crossed….

3.45pm and normality has been resumed. Our ISPs engineers are still investigating the issue to try and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Poll: What am I?

November 14th, 2002

Neil/totalxsive just posted in his blog about the GeekTest. Well, according to the site, I’m 30% Geek, 30% Goth, 50% Internet Addict, 26% Emo, 29% Ska, 17% Metal Head and 28% Tortured Artist.

Make of it what you will, but as the site says “These tests ARE NOT SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENTS”.
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