Game: Dibblez

January 10th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Dibblez]Dibblez is a fun little Flash game where you’ve simply got to get three or more “dibblez” (the little funny faced blobs) in a row – vertically or horizontally. You manage this by swapping the places of two dibblez at a time – no more, no less: plus there is the additional catch that if you don’t make a line with that swap, the dibblez go back to where they were.

My highest score so far has been 3,660 which included two bonuses (you accrue bonus points by getting more than 3 Dibblez in a line or managing to complete more than one line in a go – set it up correctly and you can get half-a-dozen lines going ‘pop’).

(Off-topic: I thought the word was spelt “swop”, but my spell checker says “swap” – oh well…)

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