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January 12th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Mystery of Time And Space]It seems there has been an additional level added to the Mystery of Time and Space adventure game that I provided the solution to back in November.

So, for all those people who are coming here looking for either the MOTAS solution, here are some hints and tips (mostly taken off the MOTAS forum) – complete with level walkthroughs/walkthrus – for MOTAS levels 1 to 4. Levels 5 to 8 are now available.

Starting off:

General hints

When you begin your quest you find yourself in a locked bedroom.
The object of the game is to escape from that building as soon as possible. But some of the doors are locked.

Use objects to help you find your way through countless rooms filled with mystery. Use your pointer to click on the screen and carefully read the feedback.

At some points you will get objects you can use. Click on an object from your inventory (top of screen) and then click on the screen to indicate where to use it. The interactive pointer indicates which object you are holding.

Most of the times an area where you could use an item your pointer will change into a hand to indicate interactivity. Walking feet indicate a way you can move to another location and a magnifying glass indicates you can take a closer view.

Hints for Level 1

  • The door is locked, can you see the key?
  • What was irritating my head all night?
  • What should I do with the Girl?

Solution for Level 1

Hints for Level 2

  • When you enter, be right on top of things.
  • Be sharp to get the computer to boot.

Solution for Level 2

Hints for Level 3

  • Sometimes you see things better when it’s dark.
  • Hide your ugly head under the stairs.
  • Make sure it all lines up.

Solution for Level 3

Hints for Level 4

  • Sing out loud: ‘Relight my fire …’
  • I suppose you’ve played jigsaw puzzle as a kid …
  • Once things are removed, they can be replaced, but it will never be the same again…

Solution for Level 4

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  1. Sam says:

    why dont you have the walkthrough to levels other then 1-4? but the ones you have did help me alot.

  2. krolla says:

    Pliz, help me. I can’t open the door that level (it’s maybe 11.)which has 4 rooms (a kitchen with a spider, a pool etc). I dunno what to do. Pliz, write me that solution! THANKS, THANKS

  3. Faerieryn says:

    I finished it!!!!!!!!!!!! Blasted wall panels don’t light up when you hit them so you have no idea how to get through the door. The light moves so you can reveal more numbers. Should be about 8 in all which took meages to figure out. More levels!!!!

  4. shizzle says:

    wtf can I do with that bloody green wall? It’s driving me insane!

  5. bboy says:

    the green wall is easy! just start at bottom right and click on the 2nd line from right click on lowest button then go up and up! you will have the first line then then move 1 line to the right and do the same thing untill your done 🙂 but i dont know where to go after the green wall 🙁 i got the key and stuff but i cant go true the hole cause its locked from other side

  6. shizzle says:

    I don’t want to interrupt your moments of victory but your sollutions to the green wall dón’t work (by your I mean neilp&bboy)

  7. Justine says:

    have dropped the laser beam but now what?????

  8. joel says:

    fuck yas all!!

  9. Mari says:

    Please, how do I pass the computer on level 9??? I try to mix the letters and type a word, but it doesn´t. If someone could send the answer to my e-mail, i would appreciate

  10. jesi says:

    I just beat the game. It says “to be continued”, I still had a scewdriver and a security pass left. When will the rest of the game be out?

  11. slabo says:

    How do I get the blue and the red balls in (on the pool table)? Thank you!

  12. Jones says:

    Please someone help with level 8 and the chess board. I have the chess piece, and have moved every possible move. I can get to the tile infront of the door, but can’t get in. Says NOT YET. I move to where next possible move would put me in the door, still says NOT YET.

    I got to level 8 with no problems at all, I have to be missing something. Please help!!

  13. Jones says:

    Figured out what the problem is but not how to fix it. The flashing target square goes away after I reach it the second time. I just stuck moving around.

  14. skyler says:

    man, i guess MOTAS is either down or just moved, i sure hope someones finds it soon, that game was awesome!

  15. Jon says:

    !!!!! HELP HELP HELP !!!!!
    Can anyone tell me (In detail) how to crack the puzzle pn level 10, the one with the four colours??, I have lined them all up to the colour on the outside but have not had any joy with this! PLEASE HELP US, I have been on this all day and I really need to crack this or I wont be going into work tomorrow! HELP HELP PLEASE………Jon

  16. skyler says:

    Yeah! motas is workin again!

  17. Coghlan says:

    BBoy and NeilP: Neither of the solutions for the GREEN WALL work. Anyone have one that works?

  18. Amanda says:

    I don’t understand how to do the letters on level 9. Can someone help!!??

  19. jimmy dahl says:

    I can´t understand how to do the letters on level 9. Can someone help!!??

  20. kitou says:

    In level 9 the word is not “fade” but “deaf” 🙂

  21. Kas says:

    I m in the 10 level, and i am stuck in the color puzzle. I miss 2 colors to complete it, i miss a part of yellow and a part of blue but i don’t know where they are… plz help

  22. vbhg says:

    The solution to the green wall is:
    (starting from the left and going up and down the columns): wherever there is a grey brick just hit the one to its right.

  23. jonn says:

    problems with the green wall…or any level for that matter? go here. there is a nice diagram and description for your green wall problems.

  24. Diff says:

    In level nine on the computer i have the letter STEA Im Not sure what words i can make. – besides seat wich isnt working

  25. Katastrophic says:

    Hello peeps. I’m at the same level as you Diff, level 12, I can’t get past the final laser, I have the screwdriver, the card and the key but can’t use any of them on anything, anyone else going completely insane trying to figure it out? Any clues would be appreciated, ta muchly!

  26. onkel joakim says:

    hi guys can some one help me with the green wall on lvl. 12 plzz help me

  27. kent says:

    there’s a key on top of the ceiling light in the room where the desk lamp is. to get the key, fix the fold in the carpet, move the chair under the light fixture so you can reach it.

  28. Dex says:

    on lvl 11 how to open door?

  29. NETTE says:

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!! i am really really stuck at the computer on lvl 9!!!!!!! i have the letters R and A and then u can go 2 a different room thet has G E and T but i dont know what to fo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone PLEASE help me or email me how to do it or SOMETHING i am COMPLETELY lost and confused!!!!!!!!!

  30. Bjarte says:

    kelbo: what you need instead of the key card, is a key. You find it in the lamp on the 1st floor. Use that to open one of the cupboards in the basement (the floor with the three lasers). In that cupboard you find another key. Open the last door with that key, and you’re done!

  31. natalie says:

    Help. The four blocks on the floor in the room next to the motorbike….what do I need to do?

  32. HELLO;-) says:


  33. Hege says:

    I’ve got the code, but don’t know where to use it. I can not get through the thrid lazer. I’ve got a key, security card and a screw driver. Please help me soon, as I’m about to go crazy looking around…….!!! Thanks

  34. Hege says:

    Ok, I got through the third lazer, but how do I break the code to open the door? What am I supposed to do with the secutitycard and the screw driver. (I presume the key is for the last door behind the shield… )

  35. Malcolm says:

    Got to level 9 but there is 4 letter HEAD there. How to unscrabble it? Tried all kinds already. Any help appreciated.

  36. errrica says:


  37. Gorka_the_Great says:

    Level 9: I have letters T E G R A
    I tried grate. . .

  38. sda says:

    I won YAYAY!!!

  39. ME says:

    It might be “great”.

  40. Shannon says:

    HELP !! for level 9 i have the letters …

    D R F A W

    wtf can that make ?!!

  41. Shannon says:

    okay … does anyone know how to get past the 2nd laser in lvl 12 ?!!

  42. MOTAS_Fan1020 says:


    How do i solve the green wall?

    If anyone can help me (using URL or simply typing in), I am very happy and would say thanks a lot!

    Thanks if any help comes by!

  43. steph says:

    hey can any1 help me with level 7 lol i no im dumb but i neeed help !!!!!

  44. steph says:

    pleaseee some1 help me lol =)

  45. steph says:

    can anyone please help me on level 11 pleasee i have no idea wut 2 do with the pool table all i can hit is the blue ball and it does nothing anyway =( pleasee helpppp thnkss

  46. spdrcrchk says:

    STEPH u gotta try different angles w/the pool cue. You can keep getting new coins from thechest where you first got the coin.


    Im at level 12. and I need to know what the heck to do. I tried punching in the code in the last room where the last laser is. But the code does not work. It does nothing. The hand doesnt even show as active. I’ve got a screwdriver, a card and a key. What do i do?!?!?!?

  47. steph says:

    spdrcrchk — thnkss and can u tell me how to get the green wall it wont work for me =( lol

  48. Ange says:

    I have already been through once and completed past Level 12. I decided to go through again but I’m now stuck at Level 4. I’ve lit the log and put it in the fire, split the triangle and reput the pieces back but the door still won’t open. Any ideas?

  49. help says:

    HELP ME !!! im stuck on lvl 12 at the pool tabel i have the coin in and everything just how do u get the red and blue ball in help!!!!!!!!

  50. HELP says:


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