Friday Group Therapy: Weight And Food

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[Friday Group Therapy and McDonalds]Common sense has prevailed! (I actually typed that before I realised that a McDonald’s spokesman said exactly the same thing). An American court has dismissed a lawsuit by a group of American teenagers who claim that McDonalds is responsible for their obesity.

Brian has decided to make the issue of “Weight and Food” the subject of this weeks Friday Group Therapy.

  1. How do you feel about your weight?
    I’m quite alright with my body’s shape, size and weight – I’m an ectomorph which means I’m naturally a bit on the thin/tall side of things – in the past few years I have started to develop a bit of a “berry belly” (even though I hate beer and larger) but I suppose if I exercised a little bit more it would disappear in due course (apart from walking to and from work and up and down my stairs I get no exercise at all).

    Last time I was weighed (it was around 3 months ago when I went for my “initial checkup/welcome” at my Doctors: despite being a patient there for two years – I hadn’t needed to go an introduce myself before then), I was around 13stone in weight (that’s around 82.5Kg or 182lbs). My Body Mass Indicator (BMI) value is 23.4 (as I’m 6ft 2" tall) which is “normal weight” (18.5 to 24.9). Until a few years ago, I was constantly in the “Underweight” category as I just didn’t seem to put weight on (despite daily meals of: two bacon sandwiches before I left the house, a fry-up breakfast of two sausages, bacon, eggs, hash brown, black pudding, beans and toast at work, something “snacky” for lunch, a largish dinner and then supper). It could be because I’ve been eating more “junk food” recently…

  1. Have you ever been on a diet?
    Nope. A few times I’ve thought “I must eat more healthily” (I know I’m at ‘higher than average’ risk of developing things like high blood pressure and diabetes due to family history), but I like my burgers and pizzas…. I don’t tend to like chips and fries much though and I do prefer grilled food than fried and brown bread than white so I suppose I’m not doing too badly.
  2. What are your typical eating habits?
    Put food in mouth. Chew. Swallow. Repeat until food supply has been exhausted or I feel “full”.

    Oh wait – you meant more like “What do I normally eat and when?” didn’t you? Well, this week has been mainly: wake up, either have a bowl of porridge oats or (more often than not) walk to McDonalds and have a “Big Breakfast Extra Value Meal” (some processed scrambled eggs, a burger patty, two bits of toast like stuff and a hash brown – along with a coffee) with an extra McBacon Roll (to eat enroute to work) and an orange juice. A few times this week, I’ve skipped breakfast entirely as I just didn’t feel like eating.

    Once at work I normally have a coffee or a bottle of Orange Lucozade (can’t stand the normal stuff) to drink, then a hot sausage sandwich at “lunchtime”, another cup of coffee (and, maybe, a small packet of sweets such as M&Ms or fruit Polos) – then I head home. I either then pop back into McDonalds for my dinner (either a Big Mac meal or whatever offer – such as 2 hamburgers and 2 fries for £2 – they have on) or I go straight home and make myself something if I’m hungry. Notice that if. Sometimes I get home and just don’t feel like eating so I don’t. Typically, if I do eat, it’s a pizza, microwavable meal or something equally as “simple” – once a week or so I “splash out” and actually cook “proper food” (such as a turkey breast joint with veggies, potatoes and gravy). Today I’ve had 8 frankfurter sausages in a toasted sandwich (I got a sandwich toaster from my parents for Christmas and I’ve been making good use of it) and two pints of Coca Cola (I’ve been drinking it out of my metal pint tankard – hence how I know it’s been two pints). That’s it. All the talk about food is making me a little peckish and so I might have something else before bed – but quite what (and if I do actually have anything) is not decided yet. A few times, I’ve called my GESF to find out what she and her flatmate are having to eat to give me ideas!

  3. What is your favourite food?
    Hmm, I’m quite partial to salads, pizzas, pancakes and steaks.
  4. What is your least favourite food?
    I don’t like Tuna and I don’t particularly like most fish (although I do like crab – but that’s not really a fish is it?). I think that’s all though.
  5. What is your favourite dessert?
    I quite like yoghurts and trifles, but I’m not that fussy nor do eat that many desserts/puddings/afters either.
  6. What is your favourite restaurant and your favourite fast food place? Why?
    My “favourite” fast food place would probably be “Paxos” which is next to Leicester College, Abbey Campus (a.k.a. Charles Keene College). It’s run by my old ice cream man (he still drives the ice cream float around the area I used to live) and serves these really big filling burgers. I can get a 1/2 pounder with cheese and salad for around £2 – and they are delicious! After that, it’ll probably be McDonalds as they offer “cheap and cheerful” food – it’s not the best, but it is cheap and quick.

    Favourite restaurant? Hmm, I don’t think I’ve really got one. Anywhere that sells decent food is a good restaurant in my book – I should actually visit some of the Leicestershire restaurants I’ve listed in ChefMoz Leicester – if only to give some of them reviews!

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