Guess That Movie: Scores So Far II

January 31st, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Guess That Movie Images 10 to 18]Well, that’s another 9 images guessed at – the last one was the George Clooney/Quentin Tarantino “From Dusk Till Dawn[Order from] movie – to be specific (hey why not? 🙂 ), it’s from around then end of the 4th minute where Danny the store clerk (played by Cristos) is trying to convince Seth and Richard Gecko (George and Quentin respectively) that he wasn’t trying to signal for help whilst the cop – Earl McGraw (Michael Parks) was in the lavatory.

So, what’s all that done to the scores? Well, poor Kymberlie must be getting a bit neurotic as she’s been at the bottom of the scoring fish bowl for a while now (with 20 points) and has been beaten by new comer “Dr G” with 60 points (which he/she got on round 17 – Event Horizon). At 100 points, we have andersja, Toby and KHD.

Bom, bom, bomm, bom bom, bom, bum (that’s meant to be the count down music from “Top Of The Pops” – try and imagine the rest of this paragraph being said by Sir Jimmy Saville). At number three, we have Super Beastmaster with 280 points *jangle jangle*, and moving up slightly to number 2 is LD with his smashing 380 points: and how’s about that then? – but this week’s number one is Ph33r_m3 with “490 points is extremely close to the Prize” surprise hit.

Yep, Ph33r_m3 has just missed the £5 Amazon gift-voucher by 10 points! Ha ha! But, Guess That Movie IS continuing (I’ll probably have a certain Mr. Tarantino after me if I ended it now) and I’m going to keep everything the way it is… Apart from (you knew something was coming didn’t you?) – there will NOT be another Guess That Movie until Monday morning.

Basically, I’m coming close to my 300th blog entry mark, it’s Friday night and it’s the end of the month – all good reasons for me to have the weekend off. But Guess That Movie will be returning bright and early on Monday the 3rd of February – so start swotting up now!

For now, I’ll be seeing you!

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