Guess That Movie: XXXVI: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

March 9th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Guess That Movie Round 36]Kymberlie R. McGuire managed to do it (picking up 100 points) yet again by correctly guessing the image from Guess That Movie 35 was taken from “The Silence Of The Lambs” [Order from] amazoncom:B00005LINB (yep, you can click on either of those links to by the movie from or respectively). In fact, buy buy buy – it’s “prize giving time” at the end of this round, and it looks like it’s going to be costing me a pretty penny once I’ve topped up the scores.

Nobody’s yet had a go at the bonus round, so here it is again, but with a reduced bonus of 15 points as I’m giving away extra clues. The aim? Be the first person to make the necessary “degrees of separation” between the actress Dervla Kirwan and the comedian Lenny Henry. Here’s the clues: Dervla was in Goodnight Sweetheart with Nicholas Lyndhurst, whilst Lenny is married to Dawn French who appears in a large number of programmes (too numerous to name) with her “comedy partner” Jennifer Saunders. Now you’ve just got to complete the connection between Nicholas and Jennifer – there’s not that many more steps to go.

Oh – and here’s round 36 (already? *shocked*) of the “Guess That Movie” game.
A: My Big Fat Greek Wedding. [Order from] amazoncom:B00006FMUW Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

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  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Oompa!

  2. You iz on fire.

  3. ph33r_m3 says:

    oh, cant you just ban her? Please

  4. Hey, it’s not my fault I kick ass at movie trivia. 😉

  5. ph33r_m3 says:

    please give us a chance though, surely you cant hate richy so much that u want to bankrupt him, you heartless fiend!

  6. Hey, I never said Kymberlie was right with this one did I?

    Unfortunately, she was – again! I don’t have the technology in place to ban people at the moment, at anyway I wouldn’t ban someone for just being better than thou: it wouldn’t be fair.

    I *will* catch Kymberlie out with some movie images soon as I’m beginning to get an idea of what she like to watch – but it’s whether or not the rest of you can guess it before Kymberlie does!

    Well done Kym!

  7. Ah, good luck on guessing my movie tastes! They run the gamut. I just adored this movie, though, especially since my boyfriend’s half Greek. I was so excited to recognize some customs and phases, geek that I am. 😀

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