Month: March 2003

  • TV: Extreme Sex

    Just as I was finishing blinner (breakfast, lunch and dinner) around midnightish – along with reading the morning paper – I ended up channel surfing on my main TV and I came across a programme on Sky One called “Extreme Sex”. Anyway, a mistress on it (she’s pictured on the left) said that she moved […]

  • Snippet: British Summer Time

    *snippet* Well, we’ve just gone into British Summer Time (aka “Daylight Saving Time”) so I’ve just missed 1 hour of my life (we went from 1am to 2am instantly). I expected my PC to automatically jump forward (and it did), but I was a bit shocked when I looked at the posting times of the […]

  • Guess That Movie: XLVI: The Edge

    Well, it looks like Kymberlie (or, at least her anonymous co-workers: guys/girls you can have a guess on your own) is back, and guessing away: “she” managed to recognise Guess That Movie 45 as being taken from “Braveheart” – co-incidentally, the episode of “South Park” I watched earlier today was “Starvin’ Marvin’” where Chef looks […]

  • News: House Cleaner

    Ok, this isn’t technically a news commentary article, but the thing I’m commenting about did appear in a news paper so my strange logic means that it is technically news 😉 Anyway, just flicking through my local news paper and I came across this advert in the classified ads section: NAKED HOUSE CLEANER Male requires […]

  • Guess That Movie: XLV: Braveheart

    Yes, we had YET ANOTHER new contestant win a round of “Guess That Movie” – “SithAngel” managed to recognise that the image to Guess That Movie 44 was from the hit movie “American Pie 2” amazoncom:B00003CY6D – narrowly beating new contestant “lily” as well (unfortunately, Jay‘s very first guess of Thelma and Louise was either […]