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Month: March 2003

TV: Extreme Sex

[Screenshot from Extreme Sex on Sky one]Just as I was finishing blinner (breakfast, lunch and dinner) around midnightish – along with reading the morning paper – I ended up channel surfing on my main TV and I came across a programme on Sky One called “Extreme Sex”.

Anyway, a mistress on it (she’s pictured on the left) said that she moved to the UK 5 years ago and that “she’s European as she’s from Europe”: erm, isn’t the UK part of Europe? And she made it sound like Europe was a country upon itself…

I may as well confess now, I have given up sex for Lent: yep, I’m going to try and avoid having sex until April the 20th – a bit like “40 Days and 40 Nights” – but it may be a close thing: fingers crossed that I should be getting my hands on some pussy within the fortnight…

Ok – stop being dirty! I’m talking about a pussy cat here. My parents have 4 cats: 1 old female cat – Gizmo, 1 slightly younger female – Smokey – and male cat – Tigger, and a younger male cat – Damien (don’t ask: blame my younger sister!). But Gizmo’s been picking on Smokey recently for some unknown reason and Smokey’s been losing fur because of fleas: as soon as she gets rid of them, the other cats give her them back. Anyway, to help save my parents the stress of looking after 4 pus cats and to help “save” Smokey, they’ve said that if my sisters agree, I’m going to be adopting Smokey! I’m actually really looking forward to it – if there’s something I hate about being single it’s not having a reason to come home and someone/thing to cuddle- an animal won’t be perfect, but at least if I just need some “fuss” or a cuddle or something like that, I’ll have Smokey.

Yes, it’s sad, but sometimes it’s the little things in live I look forward to – to be honest with you, whilst sexual intercourse is nice, I do think it can be overrated: dungeons, BDSM and stuff just doesn’t “do” anything for me and I puzzle how some people can enjoy being put on racks and whipped… Each to their own I suppose.

Talk about about deviating from the subject!

Snippet: British Summer Time

*snippet* Well, we’ve just gone into British Summer Time (aka “Daylight Saving Time”) so I’ve just missed 1 hour of my life (we went from 1am to 2am instantly). I expected my PC to automatically jump forward (and it did), but I was a bit shocked when I looked at the posting times of the latest GTM and realised it was “2:05AM”: I didn’t realise my server or MovableType was set to “London time”, I thought they were both on GMT…

Oh well, you learn something new everyday!

Guess That Movie: XLVI: The Edge

Guess That Movie 46Well, it looks like Kymberlie (or, at least her anonymous co-workers: guys/girls you can have a guess on your own) is back, and guessing away: “she” managed to recognise Guess That Movie 45 as being taken from “Braveheart” – co-incidentally, the episode of “South Park” I watched earlier today was “Starvin’ Marvin’” where Chef looks like a certain blue-paint wearing person from Braveheart (and, if you are a fan of South Park, you’d know that Chef’s parents come from Scotland).

Anyway – on to image 46. I’ll let you all into a little secret, today I splashed out an purchased a WinTV television capture card so that I can now take snapshots from VHS and live TV (instead of just relying on DVDs) – expect a wider range of images now…

So, complements of WinTV, here’s round 46 – take a guess at which movie the image has been taken from and leave a comment with your guess (and don’t forget to put your clocks forward on Sunday). Oh – and since there are several movies with the same name as this movie, I’m going to have to insist you include either the year OR a name of one of the main characters so I know you’re guessing at the correct movie.

Good luck!
A: The Edge (1997). amazoncom:B000006IUQ [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

News: House Cleaner

[House Cleaner]Ok, this isn’t technically a news commentary article, but the thing I’m commenting about did appear in a news paper so my strange logic means that it is technically news 😉

Anyway, just flicking through my local news paper and I came across this advert in the classified ads section:

NAKED HOUSE CLEANER Male requires work. Willing to travel. Call —- —-

I think it’s more a case of “House Cleaner requires clothes” then anything! Now, haven’t you got to ask at least two questions: If he’s such a good house cleaner, why does he need to advertise? and 2: If he’s actually good looking, why does he need to advertise?

Unless, of course, the advert fits in with the rest of the half page full of “massage parlours” and “personal services” from companies such as “Laura Kane”, “Bunnys”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Honeyz” and “Creme de la creme”: either Leicester’s got quite a demand for the 21 Saunas and Massage parlours advertised or something else is going on: but I’m sure that it’s all perfectly innocent, after all, this is the news paper that states under their computer section:

PLEASE NOTE: As the — — is a family newspaper, we will not accept advertisements for computer games that have an ELSPA or BBFC rating of 15 or 18

So: computer games aimed at Adults are out, but “sensual massages”, advertisements for bar work and tattoo parlour work, premium rate adult chat lines and “personal services” are in?

Hmm – am I the only person that thinks that that policy is slightly odd?

Guess That Movie: XLV: Braveheart

Guess That Movie Round 35Yes, we had YET ANOTHER new contestant win a round of “Guess That Movie” – “SithAngel” managed to recognise that the image to Guess That Movie 44 was from the hit movie “American Pie 2” [Order from] amazoncom:B00003CY6D – narrowly beating new contestant “lily” as well (unfortunately, Jay‘s very first guess of Thelma and Louise was either completely wrong or he’s seen a much more different version of T+L then I remember!).

Here’s a very uninteresting snippet of information for you: I watched American Pie 2 before I saw number 1 – and before I saw either of them, I watched the extremely funny comedy/spoof/trailer American Jedi (American Pie meets Star Wars: download it from Jedinet). It’s nearly 9 minutes long, looks like a “trailer” for a movie, and I wish it had been made into a proper feature length film as it’s incredibly funny.

Anyway – on with the contest. For those of you who are just joining us here at the Guess That Movie contest, the idea of the game is to just recognise which movie I’ve taken the screen shot from. The only criteria is that I can authenticate that the screen shot is from the movie – so it could be a DVD my parents rented, a film I’ve got on DVD, a VHS copy I found etc: and it could date from 1900s to the present day (although the oldest movie I’ve featured so far has been 1917) – and there’s no fixed genre (although my love of comedy and sci-fi movies may show through from time to time).

Once you think you know which movie the screen shot has been taken from, have a go and Guess That Movie – just leave a comment with your name (or an alias – I don’t mind), email address (which WILL be hidden from anybody but me) and your guess and I’ll say if you are right or wrong. If you are right, you’re instantly entered into the competition – each image, as soon as it’s been posted, is worth “100 points”. Each incorrect guess by anybody removes 5 points from the number of available points. And there’s another catch – after 12 hours from posting, the image loses another 10 points, 24 hours from posting another 10 and then every 24 hours after that…. So if there are 10 incorrect guesses (10×5=50) and it’s been 2 days since the image was posted (10+10+10), then then image will only be worth 20 points – and you’ll need a total of 500 points before you can claim a prize.

Yep, once you’ve got 500 points you are entitled to an Amazon gift certificate based on the conversation rate of 1point=1pence sterling. So 500 points equals a £5 gift voucher (of course, converted into the currency of the Amazon store of your choosing).

So get guessing!

And, here’s an extra “guess that childrens TV programme if you want from the lyrics, but no extra points are available” bit:

“This is Richy’s Blog,
And this is Richy, the blogger who leads an exciting double-life,
For when Richy touches a keyboard, an amazing transformation occurs.
Richy is bloggerman, ever alert for the call to blog”.
A: Braveheart amazoncom:B00003CX95 [Order from] Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire.
Cartoon lyrics from “Bananaman” (correctly guessed by Super Beastmaster)