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[House Cleaner]Ok, this isn’t technically a news commentary article, but the thing I’m commenting about did appear in a news paper so my strange logic means that it is technically news 😉

Anyway, just flicking through my local news paper and I came across this advert in the classified ads section:

NAKED HOUSE CLEANER Male requires work. Willing to travel. Call —- —-

I think it’s more a case of “House Cleaner requires clothes” then anything! Now, haven’t you got to ask at least two questions: If he’s such a good house cleaner, why does he need to advertise? and 2: If he’s actually good looking, why does he need to advertise?

Unless, of course, the advert fits in with the rest of the half page full of “massage parlours” and “personal services” from companies such as “Laura Kane”, “Bunnys”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Honeyz” and “Creme de la creme”: either Leicester’s got quite a demand for the 21 Saunas and Massage parlours advertised or something else is going on: but I’m sure that it’s all perfectly innocent, after all, this is the news paper that states under their computer section:

PLEASE NOTE: As the — — is a family newspaper, we will not accept advertisements for computer games that have an ELSPA or BBFC rating of 15 or 18

So: computer games aimed at Adults are out, but “sensual massages”, advertisements for bar work and tattoo parlour work, premium rate adult chat lines and “personal services” are in?

Hmm – am I the only person that thinks that that policy is slightly odd?

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