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TV: Extreme Sex

[Screenshot from Extreme Sex on Sky one]Just as I was finishing blinner (breakfast, lunch and dinner) around midnightish – along with reading the morning paper – I ended up channel surfing on my main TV and I came across a programme on Sky One called “Extreme Sex”.

Anyway, a mistress on it (she’s pictured on the left) said that she moved to the UK 5 years ago and that “she’s European as she’s from Europe”: erm, isn’t the UK part of Europe? And she made it sound like Europe was a country upon itself…

I may as well confess now, I have given up sex for Lent: yep, I’m going to try and avoid having sex until April the 20th – a bit like “40 Days and 40 Nights” – but it may be a close thing: fingers crossed that I should be getting my hands on some pussy within the fortnight…

Ok – stop being dirty! I’m talking about a pussy cat here. My parents have 4 cats: 1 old female cat – Gizmo, 1 slightly younger female – Smokey – and male cat – Tigger, and a younger male cat – Damien (don’t ask: blame my younger sister!). But Gizmo’s been picking on Smokey recently for some unknown reason and Smokey’s been losing fur because of fleas: as soon as she gets rid of them, the other cats give her them back. Anyway, to help save my parents the stress of looking after 4 pus cats and to help “save” Smokey, they’ve said that if my sisters agree, I’m going to be adopting Smokey! I’m actually really looking forward to it – if there’s something I hate about being single it’s not having a reason to come home and someone/thing to cuddle- an animal won’t be perfect, but at least if I just need some “fuss” or a cuddle or something like that, I’ll have Smokey.

Yes, it’s sad, but sometimes it’s the little things in live I look forward to – to be honest with you, whilst sexual intercourse is nice, I do think it can be overrated: dungeons, BDSM and stuff just doesn’t “do” anything for me and I puzzle how some people can enjoy being put on racks and whipped… Each to their own I suppose.

Talk about about deviating from the subject!

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  1. Jay Jay

    Dude, that mistress looks like a man-beast. Now look at what that show did to you, you’re swearing off sex until the 20th! As for Smokey, we all know he’s going home to somewhere nice… Oh. and that pic for guess that movie is driving me nuts.

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