Guess That Movie: Scores So Far IV

March 10th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Guess That Movie rounds 28 to 36]I don’t know about you, but the last 9 Guess That Movie images just shot by for me: in fact, so quickly I haven’t had much time to work on the new site for it yet – that means that “Guess That Movie” will be staying here for just a little bit longer, and yep, it does mean you’ll have to endure my random ramblings for a while more – but I’m sure that’s the real reason you are here isn’t it?

Anyway, what has the last 9 images done to the score board? Well, 9 images ago Kymberlie R. McGuire only had 480 points – but she’s been really really “persistent” (I think the word is) and managed to be the first person to correct guess 8 of the previous nine images: plus she picked up ten bonus points for correctly recognising a bonus round of “Knightmare” (see round 29 for details). She’s now galloping in front with a massive 1170 points (that’s worth £11.70 in real money, or a $18.73 in American dollars), ph33r_m3 still hasn’t claimed his gift voucher prize worth £5.90 (for 590 points) so they will both be receiving an email shortly.

The “missing image”? New comer “Shaun” managed to pick up 95 points by recognising image 34 as being from “Forrest Gump”, well done Shaun – now I just wish the rest of you could recognise movies as quick: Kymberlie’s going to end up costing me loads at this rate – and I’m still waiting for people to actually buy stuff from the Amazon link’s I’m placing: if you didn’t recognise the film – why not buy it? For example, last round (round 36) was “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and can be brought directly from by clicking on amazoncom:B00006FMUW or from by clicking on [Order from] . Failing that, you could always take out a low cost textads advert ($2.50 for a thousand impressions, minimum buy 250 OR $0.35 per click, minimum buy just 14): remember, the more money I have coming in, the more I can spend on prizes – and points mean prizes!

Next round coming soon…Good luck (and, for Deity and Flibblepenguin’s sake, somebody get guessing them before Kymberlie does! At least she’s getting a nice early birthday present (she’s 28 on March the 18th).

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  1. image 6 looks like the lovely (if allegedly bitchy) Sean Young, as seen in the classic Bladerunner

  2. Is image 8 Jodie Foster in Silence Of The Lambs?

  3. Is image 4 from The Fifth Element?

  4. Richy C. says:

    Hey – all of those had already been guessed! It’s just an “interm summary” to show which images have been guessed in the last 9 rounds.

    The next real image will be due in the next 4 hours (if my computer stays alive!)

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