Guess That Movie: XXXVIII: Bean

March 12th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Guess That Movie Round 38]Dr. G now moves up by 100 points by correctly guess that Round 37‘s image was, in fact, taken from the 1973 movie “The Asphyx” [Order from] amazoncom:6305470146 within 10hours and 59minutes – Kymberlie, meanwhile, was happily confessing that she is, in fact, an executive transvestite. I don’t think I really want to know do I? 😉

Dr. G moves up to 160 points once I update the high score table – still short of the magically “500 points claim point” but there’s still 7 more rounds after this one to go. Prizes HAVE been dispatched, but have experienced a slight technical fault with processing of the gift certificates so one or two of them may be delayed whilst they are looking into the problem (basically, because of the fault they can’t get into the order to dispatch the certificate – nor can they or myself cancel the order!) – apologies for the delay.

Anyway, here’s image 38 – it’s not the one I was hoping to feature: but every time I tried to play the DVD I wanted to take this round’s image from it crashed my machine. 3 times. It’s not the DVD’s fault (as it’s worked before), but just Windows being silly b–ggers as it has been for the last few weeks…

Take a guess at the image and let me know which movie you think it’s from! <adopt camp voice for Kymberlie> Good luck sweeties! <end camp voice>
A: Bean. [Order from] amazoncom:B00007AJF7 . Correctly guessed by AntGrad

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  1. Antgrad says:


    Did I get one???

  2. Yep, you got one! Well done. Next image won’t be until some time tomorrow – I’m currently just getting ready for bed and attempt to reinstall by graphics drivers so (hopefully), I’ll be able to return to slightly harder images tomorrow…

  3. Antgrad says:

    Jeez…that wasn’t hard??…:)

  4. Naomi says:

    it’s Bean alrigt

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