Guess That Movie: XXXIX: Alice In Wonderland

March 16th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

[Guess That Movie Image 39Well, AntGrad made a slight return to correctly recognise that the previous Guess That Movie image was taken from “the ultimate disaster movie” Bean [Order from] amazoncom:B00007AJF7 (starring Rowan Atkinson). Ok, the film wasn’t as good as the UK ITV television series, but it was still a reasonable film.

AntGrad picked up one hundred points for that – but will he or Kymberlie manage to pick up any extra points for this image? It is open for all the rest of you to guess as well – you just have to leave a comment with your name (or an alias) and the name of the movie you guess that image is and I’ll judge if you are right or wrong…

Good luck!
A: Alice In Wonderland. [Order from] amazoncom:B00004R99L Correctly guessed by Super Beastmaster

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  1. Alice in Wonderland, yo! It’s gotta be!

  2. Well done Super Beastmaster, t’was the Walrus’ mate the carpenter from Alice In Wonderland.

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