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TV: Extreme Sex

March 31st, 2003

[Screenshot from Extreme Sex on Sky one]Just as I was finishing blinner (breakfast, lunch and dinner) around midnightish – along with reading the morning paper – I ended up channel surfing on my main TV and I came across a programme on Sky One called “Extreme Sex”.

Anyway, a mistress on it (she’s pictured on the left) said that she moved to the UK 5 years ago and that “she’s European as she’s from Europe”: erm, isn’t the UK part of Europe? And she made it sound like Europe was a country upon itself…

I may as well confess now, I have given up sex for Lent: yep, I’m going to try and avoid having sex until April the 20th – a bit like “40 Days and 40 Nights” – but it may be a close thing: fingers crossed that I should be getting my hands on some pussy within the fortnight…

Ok – stop being dirty! I’m talking about a pussy cat here. My parents have 4 cats: 1 old female cat – Gizmo, 1 slightly younger female – Smokey – and male cat – Tigger, and a younger male cat – Damien (don’t ask: blame my younger sister!). But Gizmo’s been picking on Smokey recently for some unknown reason and Smokey’s been losing fur because of fleas: as soon as she gets rid of them, the other cats give her them back. Anyway, to help save my parents the stress of looking after 4 pus cats and to help “save” Smokey, they’ve said that if my sisters agree, I’m going to be adopting Smokey! I’m actually really looking forward to it – if there’s something I hate about being single it’s not having a reason to come home and someone/thing to cuddle- an animal won’t be perfect, but at least if I just need some “fuss” or a cuddle or something like that, I’ll have Smokey.

Yes, it’s sad, but sometimes it’s the little things in live I look forward to – to be honest with you, whilst sexual intercourse is nice, I do think it can be overrated: dungeons, BDSM and stuff just doesn’t “do” anything for me and I puzzle how some people can enjoy being put on racks and whipped… Each to their own I suppose.

Talk about about deviating from the subject!

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