Guess That Movie: IL: Hunk

April 7th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Guess That Movie Round 49Oh – Kymberlie (again) managed to correctly guess the previous image and picked up 40points into the bargain (the 4th lowest amount collected): Guess That Movie 48 was an image of “Sparky” (Canadian actress Karyn Dwyer – see another similar picture for proof) in the movie “Lethal Tender” amazoncom:6304542941 which also starred Carrie-Anne “Trinity from the Matrix” Moss (hence the “Reloaded” and “Revelations” clues I gave out) and Jeff Fahey (who, coincidentally appeared in a 1999 movie also called ‘Revelation’).

Now that’s the little trivia out of the way, I think it’s time for Guess That Movie 49… Dum dum dum…. And in “celebration” of the fact that Kymberlie should have now received her $25.04 gift voucher, I present a snapshot of semi-naked man that I took from the TV for all you women to gawp at: just look at the pecs on him! And it’s been ages since I was last on TV…

Nah – it’s not me (*nods: yes it is!*/*shakes head: nah, not really*/*nods: yeah, it is! 😉 ), but who is it? And, more important, which film is it from? Go on – have a guess.

(Why no blurb? Well, I’m busy watching a movie myself 😉 )
A: Hunk amazoncom:6302874599 [Order from] . Correctly guessed by Kymberlie R. McGuire

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  1. Whee! I got my gift certificate! 🙂

    I don’t know what the movie is (yet), but that so looks like bad 70s porn. 😀

  2. ph33r_m3 says:

    the naked-ness and the bowling pins led me to believe that its the 1995 porn flick “nude bowling party” (and yes, it is a real film, i despair of the human race sometimes)

  3. Yeah, I thought that might be it, but I figured Richy was above that kind of thing. 😉

  4. You called?

    😉 Yep, it is the 1987 movie “Hunk”. What gave it away?

  5. It’s amazing how the human mind works sometimes. For those of you who didn’t understand the clue, Bruce Banner was the name of the person who transformed into the Incredible Hulk (aka “The Hulk”), but obviously it’s not him in the picture (as the Hulk is green).

    But try and describe the picture whilst thinking “Hulk” and you’ll probably start thinking “Hunk” and bingo!

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