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Saturday ScruplesSince the owners of Saturday Scruples were kind enough to give me free 25 shares on Blogshares (I then gave them 25 of mine and brought some more of theirs), I thought I’d do this weeks questions to see how I like it:

You’re on (the) city council. Police want to place surveillance cameras on the downtown streets to deter crime and save money. Do you vote for it?
Yes. Whilst I do respect peoples privacy and tend to sway on the side of “keep private stuff private”, a public street isn’t a private area. Surveillance cameras have been proven to decrease camera by a degree (and no, I don’t have the facts or figures to hand) and so I’ll support a proposal like this.

You’ve sold your house. Before you move out the roof starts to leak. Do you have it fixed?
Probably. If their surveyor had picked up that the roof could be a problem or I had informed them of a potential problem with the roof, then I wouldn’t be under any legal obligation to fix it (so I believe): but if contracts have been exchanged and then it starts leaking, I would have to have it fixed or, under UK law, I could be taken to court. I guess it’ll depend how big the problem is: my parents roof has got a very slight leak (caused by installation of an additional TV cable), but just placing a wooden board underneath the leak prevented any damage (as it allowed the water just to drain off into the guttering system): but if it’s a major leak and I wasn’t in a position to repair it – then I might inform the buyers and ask if they wish to continue the purchase.
You have an Internet friendship which is pretty friendly. Your jealous mate demands you end this friendship Do you?

It depends. Define “jealous mate”. If it’s my girlfriend or someone like that, then I probably would – but if it isn’t, then I’ll have to consider the reasons they were asking. That actually reminds me that I haven’t contacted quite a few of my mates (most of whom I got to know via online) for a long while: I’ve just been too busy. 🙁

(Picture “mangled” from one found on Devon’s Disarray)

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