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May 14th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

*snippet* Despite me pulling practically 36 hours straight at a keyboard due to the failure of the upgrade to our datacentres (I managed to grab a single hours sleep in that time period), I’m still getting a number of technical support queries and fault reports: I spent over 6 hours restoring a server from scratch and all customer data (longest amount of downtime we’ve had ever to my knowledge) and now it appears all the site administrator passwords weren’t backed up correctly. I’m having to reset them all by hand 🙁

Not fun at all. That and “nursing” the server has taken up most of my time recently (the restored datacentre peaked at load averages of over 60 yesterday after another reboot – to reinitalise the SSL system – and I had to watch it for 2 hours to ensure it settled) hence the unfortunately lack of blog entries.

I’m hoping the technical helpdesk will calm down shortly (we’ve got nine open calls at the moment and our “average” is one: I try and ensure it’s cleared on a Friday afternoon by emailing all people with open calls on a Wednesday morning for a “status update”), and I’m be able to resume normal blogging levels.

Now, if only I could find out what in the Ensim Pro upgrade would cause it to totally crash a server during the upgrade process (despite us testing the upgrade extensively before hand) 🙁

Not fun.

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