Poll: What’s your Snob Status?

39% snob“The Edwardian era was rife with snobbery – people at the top of society could justify being 100% snobs and those at the bottom knew their place. But just how much of a snob are you?”.

I’m a mere 39% of a snob – “some hope of becoming a decent human being in the near future”. Cool – I’ve always wanted to become a human being, I’m getting fed up of just being a bog-standard carbon based biped 😉 “Just keep working on that attitude: don’t forget that the sick, the poor and uneducated are people too.” But I never forget, people are there to do my bidding and the moor uneducated and sick there are the more “easy to manipulate” they are 🙂

(Found via Asisaid)

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