News: Leicester Road Traffic Accident III

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Continued from News: Leicester Road Traffic Accident and News: Leicester Road Traffic Accident II.

Well, last night, around 11pm, I received a telephone call from the local police station – just basically asking if I was a witness to the road traffic accident (RTA) last night (no, first thing I knew was when I heard all the bangs and skidding), whether or not I saw people running from the scene (it wasn’t until I had found my glasses a few minutes afterwards did I even see the crashed car no longer had a bonnet!) and if I could recognise anybody (nope). That got me thinking “Hit and run driver”, and today’s Leicester Mercury confirmed that with a small article on the 2nd page which read:


A driver lost control of his car and hit seven other vehicles last night. The accident happened in Halifax Drive, Beaumont Leys, at about 8.45pm.

Police said the driver of a light grey Vauxhall Cavalier lost control as he sped over a road hump. The driver ran off, leaving his male passenger injured on the roadside. No one else was hurt, but the accident caused thousands of pounds of damage.

Sergeant Owen Blackford, of New Parks police station, said: “A lot of cars have been damaged and a lot of people are angry. We think speed played a part in this and would appeal for witnesses to come forward.”

Sgt Blackford said he did not know how old the driver and his passenger were. He added the car may have been trying to overtake another vehicle.

Resident Alan Pick, 70, said his Vauxhall Carlton was damaged: “I heard an almighty bang. I reckon my car’s got a thousand pounds worth of damage.”

Another neighbour had his car and a works van damaged.

He said: “I’m just thankful this didn’t happen when there were kids playing about.”
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All well and “good”, except “he sped over a road hump” – there is NO road humps on my road! (which is basically a big, steep hill which the car was coming down)…

I hope they catch the driver (especially since he did a “runner”), but I do worry about the speed of vehicles on the road anyway…

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