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July 6th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Blarg. I really thought I had things under control at work, but it seems I’ve been proved wrong. For the last fortnight, I’ve been working around half-an-hour to 2hours extra every night before leaving the building and doing work at home to try and clear the back log (I’ve got now 6 data centres to look after: comprising over nearly 100 servers PLUS around 40 search engine placement clients: some of which are paying a few £100s every month and are therefore entitled to quite good service 😉 PLUS I’ve had a couple of new clients in the last week PLUS writing a self-promotion search engine optimisation site which is already gathering customers even though we’ve hardly lunched it PLUS keeping up to date with what Google et al have been doing).

Yep, in short I’ve been extremely busy and sometimes, when I’ve got home, just fallen straight to sleep. Combine that with the fact that I’ve got all my “own business” stuff to do (I’ve noticed a downturn in the amount of revenue coming in from the sites so I’ve got to do something: I’ve spent today trying to slash costs and by the end of the month should have saved myself $2,000 a year).

I’ve got “task lists” at work to try and keep me on top of work related stuff, but when you get stuff that’s more important then others and then others that are even more important than that it can get very confusing and some minor things do get left behind…

Anyway – that’s my excuse of not blogging much recently: I’ve hardly had time to eat (and I’m not kidding: the cat’s been fed more often than I have – a couple of time’s I’ve had to survive on half a sandwich all day lone), but there’s some light on the horizon and it’s concerning on GESF (green eyed southern friend)…

On Friday, my GESF and I chatted for an hour (she called around 8.30pm as I’ve got E4 and she wanted to know what happened to Big Brother: it was a security/bomb scare): unfortunately she woke me up (yep, I was asleep by 7pm!) so I had to call her back on her mobile – and we were speaking for around an hour. But basically the conversation got onto the topic of holidays and she asked when I was going “Down South” to go and see them again – luckily I had already roughly worked out a time with my boss so I said around XXX and after a bit of conferring with her housemate we agreed that that time frame (for a week) was ok.

She then asked where I was going to stay. Well, last time I was down there, I got a number of B+B cards and with a number of weeks between now and then, I can actually book in advance (instead of 48 hours before hand) so I can find somewhere.

But… She suggested “Why don’t you come and stay with us? We’ve got a spare bed”. I was more than slightly overjoyed (but I tried not too sound tooo overjoyed).

Thing is: I’m a wee bit nervous about it. Two young, single women (with dirty minds 😉 ) and me, an eligible young bachelor… Nah, I’m sure I can cope but I’m just a bit worried about maybe doing the wrong thing, or saying the wrong thing. I should be able to cope though – last year I had a female lodger in my spare bedroom and nothing at all happened: but that was because a) she wasn’t too nice looking, b) she had a large supply of “male visitors” anyway, c) she stole a substantial amount of cash from me, d) I wasn’t attracted to her in anyway. But it’s all the opposite with my GESF and I so… *gulp*

Anyway, I’ve gotta go feed the cat, try and see how much longer this server backup is going to take (my server backs up automatically to a separate system everynight, but I’m having to back it up to my home machine tonight as I want to try uploading the data to my new server: and I’m more than puzzled how there are more than 7,000 web files on the server).

Night! And I will try and do more blogging when I get a chance!

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