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Month: July 2003

Blogging: Help Firda’s Mother

Firda from Wannabe GirlFirda from Wannabe girl was one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own – but now she needs YOUR support!

In the middle of the Blogathon (she was the only person I sponsored as well), her mother was taken ill and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit in their local hospital. However, due to Indonesia (where Firda lives) not having a national health service (like the UK’s own NHS: poor though it is), she has to find all the hospital bills herself – and at $300 a day (that’s £186) it’s quite expensive.

So, go and donate some money to her (via her friend’s PayPal account) – I’m sure it’ll be appreciated. I’ve done my little bit (practically clearing out all the contents of my PayPal account to her) – so why don’t you give a few dollars?

Joke: There’s a song that I recall…

Old Person - who isn't a flibblepenguinBefore the joke (and it’s been a few months since the last joke), a quick explanation of the title of the post – it’s taken from a Goons song that starts:

There’s a song that I recall,
My Mother sang to me,
She sang it when she tucked me in,
When I was 93….
Ying tong ying tong Ying tong ying tong Ying tong iddle I po

I’ll include the full lyrics in the extended/full post (along with the joke’s punch line), so now after the set-up, here’s the joke:

A 100 year old man was having a big birthday party at his nursing home. A TV crew was there to interview the man on this special day.

“Please tell our audience how you managed to live so long,” as the reporter.

“Well, I don’t ever drink and I’ve never smoked,” replied the old man. “And, I make it a point to stay away from wild women.”

Just then, there was a loud shriek in the hall. The crew turned to see a nurse run by, followed by an agile looking, older man. The older man carried a foul smelling cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. As he ran by, he paused for a moment, looked at the crowd and let out a hardy, “He, he, he!” and then continued his pursuit.

“What was that all about?” asked the astonished reporter.

Guess That Movie: LXV: In The Eyes Of A Stranger

Guess That Movie Round 65Congratulations are due to Quida for being a new contestant and for correctly recognising that the screen shot taken for Guess That Movie Round 64 was taken from the film Joe’s Apartment. Welcomes are also due to “Mike” and “BioBoy” for also having a go at recognising that film.

However, since that image has now been guess, it’s time for Guess That Movie round 65! For those who are new here, basically Guess That Movie (GTM) is a little competition where you have “simply” just got to recognise which movie the screen shot on the left has been taken from. I say “simply” as sometimes, it’s not quite obvious which movie it is (yes, the screenshot has been cropped and resized – but I’ve done nothing else to it).

Why bother guessing? Well, there are prizes to be won! Yep – prizes for a “free to enter competition” (well, I get a little kick back from the Google Adsense adverts at the top of each page which is just covering the prize fund: otherwise it comes out of my back pocket). What’s the prizes? At the moment, they are Amazon gift vouchers (for your local Amazon store in your local currency), but I’m open to suggestions.

What’s the value of the FREE to win Amazon gift vouchers? Well, it just depends on how quickly and accurately the image is guessed. As soon as I post each image, it’s worth 100 points and each 100points=£1 (roughly US$1.62 or 1.40EUR). However, each wrong guess brings the value down by 5 points and the value decreases over time. After 12 hours, it’s worth 10 points less – 12 hours after that and another 10 points are knocked off, and then 10 points for every 24 hours after that. Oh – and you can only claim a prize once you’ve collected 500 points.

Go on, have a go and Guess That Movie!

A: In The Eyes of A Stranger

Snippet: Homer – The Odyssey

Well, for a while now, I’ve been meaning to purchase the classic book “Odyssey” by Homer [Order from] but haven’t had the “umph” to really do anything about it. I know I could probably download it for free, but unless I’ve got a PDA (such as a Palm with a PDF reader) it just isn’t convenient to read.

However, I was in WH Smiths earlier today and just looking for a book – and I saw they had it available. Check the price on the back and it was £3.50 – quite pricey for an “out of copyright classic book” (I’ve picked up similar books for just £1). But I decided to buy it.

Got to the checkout, had the book scanned and the register said “Homer – Odyssey: £0.01”. Yep! ONE PENNY! The women on the register looked at the back of the book, looked at the cash register display, checked the front of the book and then said to me “Oh well, I just do what the machine says.”

What a massive saving – I’m planning on going in tomorrow and seeing if I can get Homer’s Illiad at the same price. I’m not sure if Odyssey was MEANT to be priced at 1p, but I’m not complaining 😉 If you’re after a copy yourself and fancy a “bit of a gamble” (as they may have corrected the price to £3.50 by the time you reach the store)…

News: Terrifica for Women

TerrificaOk, I know this article in ABC News is a bit old (it’s dated November the 5th, but no year), but I’ve only just came across it and couldn’t resist having a little giggle at it.

All, I’m saying is if a bloke said:

… because women are weak. They are easily manipulated, and they need to be protected from themselves..

then that bloke would be lynched! But for a red leotard wearing, “defender of women”, it’s ok…

Strange how it may seem, I’m sure there are women that go out at night “looking for a good time” (just like some blokes do) and probably won’t appreciate it if somebody like this interfered in their having fun – or is that just me manipulating the way I view women that have tops down to ‘there’, skirts up to ‘there’ and ‘attach’ themselves to the first bloke they see?

Actually, I believe both genders can be manipulated equally and comments like Terrifica’s can only really help men think “Women are stupid and can’t think for themselves”.