Month: July 2003

  • Blogging: Help Firda’s Mother

    Firda from Wannabe girl was one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own – but now she needs YOUR support! In the middle of the Blogathon (she was the only person I sponsored as well), her mother was taken ill and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit in their local hospital. […]

  • Joke: There’s a song that I recall…

    Before the joke (and it’s been a few months since the last joke), a quick explanation of the title of the post – it’s taken from a Goons song that starts: There’s a song that I recall, My Mother sang to me, She sang it when she tucked me in, When I was 93…. Ying […]

  • Guess That Movie: LXV: In The Eyes Of A Stranger

    Congratulations are due to Quida for being a new contestant and for correctly recognising that the screen shot taken for Guess That Movie Round 64 was taken from the film Joe’s Apartment. Welcomes are also due to “Mike” and “BioBoy” for also having a go at recognising that film. However, since that image has now […]

  • Snippet: Homer – The Odyssey

    Well, for a while now, I’ve been meaning to purchase the classic book “Odyssey” by Homer but haven’t had the “umph” to really do anything about it. I know I could probably download it for free, but unless I’ve got a PDA (such as a Palm with a PDF reader) it just isn’t convenient to […]

  • News: Terrifica for Women

    Ok, I know this article in ABC News is a bit old (it’s dated November the 5th, but no year), but I’ve only just came across it and couldn’t resist having a little giggle at it. All, I’m saying is if a bloke said: … because women are weak. They are easily manipulated, and they […]