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July 29th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

Well, for a while now, I’ve been meaning to purchase the classic book “Odyssey” by Homer [Order from] but haven’t had the “umph” to really do anything about it. I know I could probably download it for free, but unless I’ve got a PDA (such as a Palm with a PDF reader) it just isn’t convenient to read.

However, I was in WH Smiths earlier today and just looking for a book – and I saw they had it available. Check the price on the back and it was £3.50 – quite pricey for an “out of copyright classic book” (I’ve picked up similar books for just £1). But I decided to buy it.

Got to the checkout, had the book scanned and the register said “Homer – Odyssey: £0.01”. Yep! ONE PENNY! The women on the register looked at the back of the book, looked at the cash register display, checked the front of the book and then said to me “Oh well, I just do what the machine says.”

What a massive saving – I’m planning on going in tomorrow and seeing if I can get Homer’s Illiad at the same price. I’m not sure if Odyssey was MEANT to be priced at 1p, but I’m not complaining 😉 If you’re after a copy yourself and fancy a “bit of a gamble” (as they may have corrected the price to £3.50 by the time you reach the store)…

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  1. I picked it up for $1.00 last week. 🙂 I haven’t read any Homer since freshman year in college.

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