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July 29th, 2003 by Richy B. Leave a reply »

TerrificaOk, I know this article in ABC News is a bit old (it’s dated November the 5th, but no year), but I’ve only just came across it and couldn’t resist having a little giggle at it.

All, I’m saying is if a bloke said:

… because women are weak. They are easily manipulated, and they need to be protected from themselves..

then that bloke would be lynched! But for a red leotard wearing, “defender of women”, it’s ok…

Strange how it may seem, I’m sure there are women that go out at night “looking for a good time” (just like some blokes do) and probably won’t appreciate it if somebody like this interfered in their having fun – or is that just me manipulating the way I view women that have tops down to ‘there’, skirts up to ‘there’ and ‘attach’ themselves to the first bloke they see?

Actually, I believe both genders can be manipulated equally and comments like Terrifica’s can only really help men think “Women are stupid and can’t think for themselves”.



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