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Snippet: Smegging Brilliant

I’m just getting a few emails tricking through my mail system which indicates that my domain has been used in a “joe job” for sending spam. Basically, this means that a spammer has forged one of my domain names for sending out spam to people.


If you’re not sure what a “joe job” is, have a look at the spam jargon file which defines it as:

To ‘joe’ someone is to forge e-mail messages or Usenet postings so as to make another person or domain appear responsible for it. Usually done in order to harass the person or domain being joed. Named for, an ISP which was damaged as a result of being joed.

At the moment I’m only getting vacation/auto-responder replies, but as soon as I get my hands on the spam and I’m able to trace it to the source…Grr….


  1. eastick eastick

    I’ve been Joe’d. My domain name has faked into a bunch of spam. Now my mailserver is getting pounded with mailer-daemon rejects. Argh.

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