Month: August 2003

  • Snippet: Back!

    Well, I’m back from vacation/holiday and I’ll have a number of blog entries to make to reflect this (I’ve been keeping a ‘mini-diary’ which I’ll have to type up shortly), but first of all I’ve got 33,973 “personal” emails to deal with and 68 “work” emails… 34,000 emails a week? *sob* Of course, once MailWasher […]

  • Snippet: Holiday…

    Like Neil, I’m now on holiday – but unlike him, I’m away until a week on Sunday. See you in September!

  • Movies: Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider II

    What is it with me and Angelina Jolie in tight clothes? When I saw her in Hackers, I thought she was quite good looking and the preview images I’ve seen of Tomb Raider II of her in a wetsuit *drool*. I haven’t seen her in any films since Hackers, so don’t ask me to comment […]

  • Snippet: Movie Guessing…

    I was just “channel surfing” and I came across a film which I recognised within seconds. To most of the Guess That Movie crowd, you’ll be used to this – but I’m not: especially since it’s a film I’ve only watched once when I brought it over 6 years ago! I shocked myself at managing […]

  • Guess That Movie: LXIX: Hollow Man

    Well, it seems a certain Kymberlie R. McGuire is back on top form – she managed to correctly recognise the 68th Guess That Movie competition image as being from the film “Charlie’s Angels”. Well done Kym bear! (sorry, wrong Kymberlie). Well, without further ado – let’s shock everybody and have round 69 (aaargh – I […]